What cashless hospitalization denied under health insurance plan?

There are certain circumstances, when your claim for cashless hospitalization may be denied under your cheapest Mediclaim Policy. Here is why it may happen, read through the following to understand the working behind the denial of your cashless hospitalization claims:

  • Your documents are incomplete and are not what we require;
  • Your contact details registered, do not work or are incomplete as of now;
  • Your medical condition is not covered under our medical policy;
  • The hospital where you are receiving treatment is not under our network;
  • Your illness is of the pre-existing illness type and the stipulated time is not over yet;
  • If the request for pre-authorization was delayed.

Even if your claims are denied, do not worry; you can still try to make a claim for the costs incurred on your end and fill out the claim form duly.

Apart from this, settle the bill on your end and get in touch with us within the stipulated time for making a claim, we will help you out. Other than this, when you run into some problems or are hospitalized, you should get in touch with our customer care straight away to receive immediate help.