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Health Insurance Plans from IFFCO Tokio

Health risks and uncertainties are a part and parcel of life. No one wants to get sick, but at some point of time we all require medical care. You cannot plan and get sick but you can certainly be prepared for the financial part of it. The best way to be financially prepared against these uncertain health risks, is by buying health insurance.

Further, taking the rising medical costs, changing lifestyle patterns and alarming pollution levels into account, you cannot overlook the need of buying a health plan that secures you against a range of medical exigencies.

Health insurance is a contract between the insured and the insurance provider or insurer, which covers the cost of the insured's medical expenses. Depending upon the type of health insurance coverage, the insured is financially covered against the medical expenses.

Advantages of Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a ‘must-to-have’ element for everyone. We, at IFFCO Tokio, offer you a hassle-free online health insurance policy that gives you ‘freedom from huge medical losses’. It empowers you with best medical assistance whether it is a physical damage or loss of health and supports you financially.

By buying health insurance online from IFFCO Tokio, and get the following advantages:

Save time by just browsing through our website and choose from our medical insurance plans as per your requirements.

Get Tax benefits with the payment made towards health insurance premium (under section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act).

Receive digitally signed Policy document immediately for online purchases.

Aspects to consider when buying health insurance Policy

When buying health insurance, the earlier you begin the lesser you will have to pay as a premium. Health insurance premiums increase as you age, as the associated risk percent increases. So, if you want to get your health insured at a better price, ensure to buy a health plan as early as you can.

At the time of selecting a health insurance plan, one needs to assess their medical requirements. Here are a few aspects that you must consider when buying health insurance -

  • Policy cover - Policy cover is the most important element of an insurance policy. Understand the cover to know whether or not it meets your medical needs, and keep reviewing the cover as you age. Look for a health plan that secures you against a wide range of medical ailments including critical illnesses, and covers hospitalization, transportation, etc.

  • Policy exclusions - We often have a habit of looking into what is being offered, and overlook the things that are not covered. Like every other insurance policy, health insurance policies have their exclusions as well. Make sure to check with your provider about the policy exclusions.

  • Claims process - Be informed about the claims process of your insurance provider. Also check the claim settlement time and claim settlement ratio to know the efficiency of the claims process. Quicker claim settlement times and higher claim settlement ratios are markers of an insurance provider being a reliable one.

  • Network hospitals - Check the list of network hospitals and doctors to know whether it includes your preferred list of doctors and hospitals or not. Another thing to consider is the network hospital coverage, as you would require health insurance when you travel to other cities in India.

  • Waiting period – Usually, there is a waiting period for pre-existing diseases. A good way to avoid this waiting period is to buy a health insurance plan in your youth, as at that time there would be a lesser requirement of this benefit.

  • Cumulative bonus - Cumulative bonus is a percentage bonus that you get when you do not make a claim in the previous policy year. The bonus is either a discount on the premium payable, or an increase in the sum insured, or a combination of both.

  • Free Medical Check-up - Choose a policy which offers free medical check-ups.

Health Insurance Plans: How to avail it?

There are two ways of availing Health Insurance Plans;

  • By direct reimbursements to the insured for expenses incurred from illness/injury
  • Direct payment to the medical service provider

Health Insurance Plans at IFFCO Tokio

Health or medical insurance in India has become vital in today’s life and should not be considered only for old age. Given the fact that misfortunes might occur anytime owing to a sedentary lifestyle, a cover for safeguarding yourself from financial burden has become mandatory. Also, as medical expenses have been on steep rise, with use of technology or fees of doctors, it is important that you protect yourself from all these uncertainties with the right medical insurance plans.

IFFCO Tokio understands your needs and offers wide range of health insurance solutions, to safeguard you from financial shocks.

Why buy health insurance from IFFCO Tokio?

IFFCO Tokio offers a wide range of health insurance plans for both individuals and groups. The health plans come with wide options for sum assured, comprehensive coverage, lifelong renewable benefit, daily cash allowance, cumulative bonus, health checkups, and critical illnesses (after a waiting period).

With esteemed claim settlement ratio, IFFCO Tokio is rated as one of the most trusted insurance providers, and has a strong network of 4000+ hospitals for cashless hospitalization. Critical Illness Cover is provided as an add-on, on payment of a nominal extra premium. For hassle-free purchase or renewal, you can also purchase or renew IFFCO Tokio health insurance plans online.

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