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Why Buy policy from Iffco Tokio?

Iffco Tokio is a leading general insurance company catering to a huge customer base in India. With its exclusive insurance plans, it ranks top among other big players in the industry. Iffco Tokio offers you the best online car insurance policy. Over a decade, the company has become a trusted brand for millions of loyal customers. Iffco Tokio insurance policy brings you confidence and complete peace of mind along with comprehensive coverage against physical injuries, car damage and coverage against third-party liability.

At Iffco Tokio, the expert insurance analysts value your hard-earned money and have designed the motor insurance plan in a way that covers a vehicle against every possible risk.

Protect your car with the best insurance plan. Contact to the expert analyst team online to gather more information and choose a policy that meets your needs.

Trusted Brand

In a short span of just over a decade, IFFCO Tokio has acquired a huge base of millions of loyal customers, owing to its reputation on service delivery.

Transparency in Services

In a complex world of confusing jargon and overcomplicated terms and conditions, we make things ultra simple and convenient for you through our very transparent processes.

Ease of Buying

Each of our products and services is designed to cater to your every need and so is the buying process. So simply browse and buy or call or visit your nearest local branch for assistance.

Claims Settlement

Our claims settlement process is prompt, efficient and ‘painless’, designed to fully assist you in your hour of need and without any unnecessary delays. 

  • The Company won Awards in Three Categories at the Indian Insurance Awards 2015 organized by Fintelekt - Most Socially Responsible Insurer, Under served Market Penetration and Personal Lines Growth...

  • IFFCO Tokio  GIC LTD.  was  featured in  the special edition of  "The Japan Times" ,  with  focus on India ,post the state visit of our PM to Japan in September 2014  .

  • IFFCO TOKIO Floater Health Policy "SWASTHA KAVACH" has been rated as "BEST BUY" on Policy Premium parameter and "GOOD BUY" as over all product, by Delhi Based -...