Underwriting philosophy on PWD, HIV/AIDS and Mental Illness


  • Persons with Disability (PWD)

A “person with disability” (PWD) means a person with long term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairment which, in interaction with barriers, hinders his full and effective participation in society equally with others, or a person with Specified Disability beyond the prescribed limits. Such a person has the right to equality, life with dignity and respect for his or her integrity equally with others. Hence, given the varied nature and effects of disabilities, underwriting is done as is in line with any other medical declaration, on case to case basis.

  • Persons with HIV/AIDS

The underwriting for persons with HIV/AIDS is done in accordance the provision of HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act, 2017. For proposals with pre-existing HIV/AIDS condition, underwriting will be basis duration from diagnosis, extent of infection, complications manifested, history of hospitalization. This will be on cases to case basis.  

  • Persons with Mental illnesses

The underwriting for persons with mental illness is done in accordance the provision of Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 which states that “provision for medical insurance for treatment of mental illness is done on the same basis as is available for treatment of physical illness”. Hence, like physical illnesses, pre-existing mental illnesses is done on the basis of type, extent, age of person, previous treatment history, any co-morbidities and other information as provided at the time of policy sourcing.

  • Transgender Persons

Our underwriting policy considers persons of all gender at par and no discrimination is made against them.