Account Aggregator

An Account Aggregator (AA) is a type of RBI-regulated entity that helps an individual securely and digitally access and share financial information from one financial institution with they have an account (referred to as Financial Information Provider/FIP) with to any other regulated financial institution (referred to as Financial Information User/FIU) in the AA network.

The information/ data is shared securely in an encrypted and digitally signed data format prescribed by ReBIT (an entity set up by the Reserve Bank of India) only with the consent of the Customer.

The Account Aggregator can also enable Customers to share the information or even withdraw it selectively. Customers can use and share financial data to access multiple financial services for individual or business needs.

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As per the IRDAI Guidelines, ITGI shall act as FIP and FIU in the AA Ecosystem. ITGI is committed to:

  • ensure that data is shared strictly upon receiving express consent from the Customer;
  • ensure that its systems are wholly interoperable so that they can work with every AA in the ecosystem;
  • ensure that any revocation of consent by a Customer communicated by the AA is stringently implemented;
  • ensure that any data received from FIPs through an AA is only used for the purpose mentioned to the Customer while obtaining their consent;
  • not share any data received from FIPs to a third party unless explicit consent is received from the Customer;
  • retain any data received from an FIP for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the data was requested and in order to comply with applicable laws.

ITGI has tied-up with the following AAs;

  • FinSec AA Solutions Private Limited (Product titled OneMoney)

Grievance Redressal

We at ITGI, endeavour to address and resolve your queries and problems swiftly and efficiently with the help of our efficient customer care team and our senior executives. To know more about our Grievance Redressal process, please visit