Health Insurance in Bangalore

Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, is a vibrant city located in the southern part of India. It is the capital of the state of Karnataka and is known for its diverse culture, thriving IT industry, pleasant climate, and a rich blend of traditional and modern elements. The city is often referred to as the "Silicon Valley of India" due to its prominence as a hub for information technology companies and startups. It hosts numerous tech parks, IT companies, and research institutions, making it a global IT destination. In addition to its tech prowess, Bangalore is known for its educational institutions, cultural festivals, music and arts scene, a wide range of culinary delights and excellent healthcare facilities. The city's cosmopolitan atmosphere attracts people from all over the country and the world, contributing to its diversity and rich cultural tapestry. Bangalore is a city that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, making it a dynamic and exciting place to live and work. If you too are planning to move to this city, you need to think about getting health insurance. While Bangalore does have top-notch healthcare facilities, affording treatment can get pretty difficult. This is where having health insurance in Bangalore can help you.

Need for Health insurance in Bangalore

The need for health insurance in Bangalore, much like anywhere else, is crucial due to various reasons. Here are some key pointers highlighting the need for health insurance in Bangalore:

  1. Rising Healthcare Costs: Healthcare expenses, including hospitalization, surgeries, medications, and diagnostic tests, have been steadily increasing in Bangalore. Health insurance helps individuals and families manage these rising costs.
  2. Access to Quality Healthcare Facilities: Bangalore is known for its excellent healthcare infrastructure, including renowned hospitals and specialist clinics. Health insurance ensures access to these quality healthcare services.
  3. Urban Lifestyle Challenges: An urban lifestyle in Bangalore can lead to health issues such as stress, pollution-related illnesses, and lifestyle-related diseases. Health insurance covers treatments for such conditions.
  4. Medical Emergencies: Medical emergencies can strike at any time. Health insurance provides the financial means to address unexpected health crises without depleting savings.
  5. Specialized Treatments: Bangalore is a hub for advanced medical treatments and technology. Health insurance helps individuals access specialized treatments and surgeries that might not be available elsewhere.
  6. Preventive Care: Some health insurance plans offer coverage for preventive care, including vaccinations and health check-ups, promoting proactive healthcare.
  7. Family Coverage: Family health insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage for all family members, ensuring their health and well-being.
  8. Tax Benefits: Health insurance premiums are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, offering financial advantages to policyholders.
  9. Peace of Mind: Knowing that one is financially protected against unexpected medical expenses brings peace of mind, allowing individuals to focus on their health.
  10. Long-Term Planning: Health insurance is a crucial part of long-term financial planning, ensuring that individuals are prepared for future healthcare needs as they age.
  11. Legal Requirements: In some cases, health insurance might be a legal requirement, such as for employees in certain sectors.

These pointers underscore the importance of health insurance in Bangalore, where securing one's health and financial well-being go hand in hand.

Why IFFCO-Tokio should be your Health Insurance partner in Bangalore?

Choosing IFFCO-Tokio as your health insurance partner in Bangalore can offer several advantages due to the company's reputation and policy offerings. Here are some reasons why IFFCO-Tokio might be a suitable choice:

  1. Extensive Network: Broad hospital network in Bangalore.
  2. Customized Plans: Tailored health insurance options.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage: Pre- and post- hospitalization medical expenses
  4. Cashless Facilities: Convenient hospitalization without upfront payments.
  5. Additional Benefits: Options for add-ons and riders.
  6. Efficient Claims: Streamlined and efficient claim processes.
  7. Customer Support: Reliable assistance for inquiries and guidance.
  8. Competitive Premiums: Competitive pricing for policyholders.
  9. Reputation: Established insurer with a trusted track record.
  10. Online Services: Convenient digital management options.
  11. Day Care Surgeries: 370 day care surgeries
  12. Critical illness and emergency services
  13. Ambulance charges
  14. AYUSH treatments (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy)

Cashless Treatment in Bangalore

A cashless health insurance plan in Bangalore offers several benefits to policyholders, making it a convenient and financially prudent choice for managing healthcare expenses. Here are the key advantages. Here are some key benefits of a cashless health insurance plan in Bangalore:

  1. Financial Convenience: The most significant benefit is the ability to receive medical treatment without making immediate out-of-pocket payments. This is especially valuable during emergencies when arranging funds can be challenging.
  2. Easy Access to Healthcare: Cashless facilities are available at a network of hospitals and healthcare providers in Bangalore, ensuring easy access to quality medical care.
  3. Streamlined Admission: Policyholders can be admitted to network hospitals smoothly, as the hospital directly coordinates with the insurance company regarding coverage and payments.
  4. Reduced Financial Stress: Cashless treatment eliminates the stress of managing and reimbursing medical expenses. Policyholders can focus on their health rather than worrying about bills.
  5. Emergency Care: It's particularly beneficial during emergencies when there might not be time to arrange for payment. Cashless treatment ensures immediate access to care.
  6. Predictable Costs: With cashless treatment, policyholders can better predict their healthcare costs, as they are aware of the extent of coverage provided by the insurance plan.
  7. Choice of Hospitals: Policyholders can choose from a network of preferred hospitals, including some of the best healthcare facilities in Bangalore.
  8. Efficient Claims: The insurance company settles the claims directly with the hospital, simplifying the claims process and reducing administrative hassles for policyholders.
  9. Coverage for Planned Procedures: Cashless facilities are available not only for emergencies but also for planned medical procedures, surgeries, and treatments.
  10. 24/7 Availability: Cashless services are typically available round the clock, ensuring that policyholders can access healthcare at any time.
  11. Peace of Mind: Knowing that medical expenses are covered, policyholders can have peace of mind, knowing they are financially protected against healthcare costs.

List of Cashless Hospitals in Bangalore

IFFCO-Tokio offers cashless services at a wide range of network hospitals spread across the country. Here are our cashless hospitals in Bangalore:

Prakriya Hospital**

Address: Survey No 41 Rajareddy Layour 8 Mile Tumkar Road Nagasandra Post Bangalore Karnataka 560073

Contact: 080-61798600

Belaku Eye Hospital

Address: # 769, 1St Cross, Ring Road, Kengeri Upanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560060

Contact: 080-28486474

Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center

Address: 258/A Bommasandya Industrial Area Hosur Road Bangalore Karnataka 560099

Contact: 080-71222222

Aster R V Hospital

Address: Ca 37-24 Main 1 Phase J P Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560078

Contact: 080-22040400

Lakshmi Eye Hospital

Address: 290,15 Cross Opposite To Kanti Sweets Chikkabommasandra Circle Yelahanka New Town Bangalore Karnataka 560056

Contact: 080-40919244

Sri Jayadeva Institute Of Cardiovascular Sciences And Research

Address: 9 Block Jayanagr Bannerghatta Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560069

Contact: 080-22977314

Silicon City Hospital

Address: Ajr Laypout Old Madras Road Hoskote Bangalore Karnataka 562114

Contact: 080-29716658

Athreya Hospital**

Address: No 6/2B, Opp Suryanagara Phase-1, Chandapura, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560099

Contact: 080-9611035025

Nayana Kumars Multi Speciality Hospital**

Address: Ca 6 3Rd Main Road Mear By Nethaji Circle Dattagalli Mysore Bangalore Karnataka 570022

Contact: 821-9513310100

St.John'S Medical College Hospital (A Unit Of Cbci Society For Medical Education)

Address: Sarjapur Road, John Nagar, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034 Bangalore Karnataka 560034

Contact: 080`-22065000

Eesha Multispeciality Hospital **

Address: No-11 And 30 , Ward No. 6 , Ramaiah Complex, Dasarahalli, Main Road, Maruthi Layout, Bangalore- 560024 Bangalore Karnataka 560024

Contact: 080`-9886169899

Sri Arogya Hospital**

Address: No 76-93,Kalkere Main Road Opp More Super Market, Kowdenahalli , Ramamurthy Nagar, Bengaluru -560016 Bangalore Karnataka 560016

Contact: 80-9606956148

Curemaxx Hospitals **

Address: 861/4/158 Hongasandra, Begur Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560068

Contact: 80-9380484491

Aaxis Hospital **

Address: No. 29,30, Belathur Village, Bidarahalli Hobli, Kadugodi, Hoskote Bengaluru, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560067

Contact: 080-2845044

Cura Hospitals

Address: 18, Doddakalasandra Industrial Area, Kanakapura Main Road ,Uttarahalli Bangalore Karnataka 560062

Contact: 0-8431241400

Raksha Health Care (A Unit Of Shastra Medi Services Pvt Ltd)

Address: 57/1, Kakolu Road , Rajankunte Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-28468345

St. Theresas Hospital**

Address: Dr. Rajkumar Road, 1St Block , Rajajinagar Bangalore Karnataka 560062

Contact: 080-23472772

Maruthi Mulitispcility Hospital**

Address: 111,Radhakrishna Main Road,Mines & Geology Layout, Bangalore Karnataka 560056

Contact: 080-29772626

Mithra Multi Speciality Hospital Llp**

Address: 6, Sr Layout, Kylasanahalli, Jigani Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560105

Contact: 0-9686343580

Ace Suhas Multispeciality Hospital**

Address: Ca/2, Apc Circle, Jigani Insdustrial Area Anekal, Benguluru Rural, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560062

Contact: 080-27826145

P M Santosha Hospital

Address: No. 63/3, Ward No.198, Sunkapalya, Near Mahaveer Lakes Apartment, Kengeri, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560060

Contact: 080-7996666889

Q Medical Centre

Address: 43, Dickenson Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560042

Contact: 080-48885819

Femiint Health Org**

Address: No 34, Next To Forum Value Mall, Whitefield Main Raod, Whitefield, Bengaluru Bangalore Karnataka 560070

Contact: 088-49321111

Cyte Care Hospitals Pvt Ltd

Address: Near Venkatala, Bangaluru Cross. Yelahanka Bengaluru, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-22176767

Iswarya Fertility Services Private Limited

Address: No : 1164, 5Th Main Road, Sector 7, Hsr Layout Bangalore, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560102

Contact: 080-41229337

Swastik Hospital**

Address: Dommasandra Circle, Sarjapura Main Road, Bangalore- 562125, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 562125

Contact: 0-7348938408

Sai Thunga Health Care**

Address: 187/269/186, Ring Road Agara, Hsr Layout, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560034

Contact: 022-9867488636

Prabha Eye Clinic And Research Center**

Address: 3504, 40Th Cross, 8Th Block, Hayanagar, Benguluru Bangalore Karnataka 560070

Contact: 080-42659090

Anupamaa Hospital

Address: No. 377, 13Th Main Road, 80Ft Road, A Sector, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-28563566

Rainbow Childrens Medicare Pvt Ltd

Address: Billakahalli, Bannerghatta Raod, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560076

Contact: 080-18002122

Smile Institute Of Gastroenterology**

Address: 423/2, 60 Ft. Main Road, 1St Main, 1St Stage, 1St Phase, Behind Sbi, Mathikere Main Road, Bengaluru Bangalore Karnataka 560054

Contact: 0-8099008800

Shankar Super Speciality Hospital**

Address: #68/5, Ganigara Playa, Vajarahalli, Kakapura Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560062

Contact: 080-8351081086

Spring Leaf Health Care Pvt Ltd**

Address: 60/3, Konappana Agrahara, E City Hosur Main Road, Benguluru, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560100

Contact: 080-46808862

Marvel Multispeciality Hospital**

Address: 153, 1St Floor, Koramangala, 1St Block, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560034

Contact: 080-41144999

Nelivigi Eye Hospital And Surgical Centre**

Address: 450/435/10, Opp. Bank Of Baroda Behind Kanti Sweets, Opp. Bangalore Central Mall Bellandur Cirlce Outer Ring Raod, Bangalore, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560103

Contact: 080-43705050

Rainbow Childrens Medicare Pvt Ltd

Address: Kr Puram Outer Ring, Doeeanekundi, Marathahalli, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560037

Contact: 080-18002122

Kauvery Hospital**

Address: 92/1, Konappa Agrahara, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560100

Contact: 080-68016801

Shobha Maternity And Surgical Healthcare Centre**

Address: 172/2, Pr Building, 16Th Main Road, Btm Layout 2Nd Stage, Near Taverekare Bus Stop, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560029

Contact: 0-8123453635

Rainbow Childrens Medicare Pvt Ltd

Address: No.247/248/288/100, Buatarayanapura Village, Yelahankahobli, Opp Kondanarama Temple, Hebbal, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560092

Contact: 080-9060707016

Yogananda Multi Speciality Hospital

Address: 371, Mkp Road, Padmanabha Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka 560070

Contact: 080-26799528

Shruta Eye Care**

Address: 44, 4Th Cross, Raghuvanahalli, Bengaluru Bangalore Karnataka 560062

Contact: 080-9513826367

Trustwell Hospitals Pvt Ltd**

Address: #51, Jc Road, Bengaluru - Karnataka - Bangalore Karnataka 560001

Contact: `080-9900442219

New Varalakshmi Hospital

Address: No.2, Old No, 2944, Mahakavi Kuvempu Road, Rajaji Nagar 2Nd Stage, Bengaluru,560010 Bangalore Karnataka 560010

Contact: 080-23424044

Geetha Hospital **

Address: Virgo Nagar Avalahalli Bangalore Karnataka 560049

Contact: 080-28473042

Aveksha Hospitals Private Limited

Address: #122, Varadajaswamy Layout, Singapura Main Road, Near Ms Palya, Bengaluru - 560097 Bangalore Karnataka 560097

Contact: 080-47277770

Svastha Hospital

Address: 3, Narayanappa garden main road, Whitefield, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560066

Contact: 0-8095270004

Apollo Cradle & Children'S Hospital(A Unit Of Apollo Bangalore Cradle Limited)

Address: No.58, 5Th Cross, 18Th Main, 6Th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore Karnataka 560095

Contact: 080-08049397940

Rangadore Memorial Hospital**

Address: 1St Cross, Shankarapuram,Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560004 Bangalore Karnataka 560004

Contact: 080`-8861345147

Blue Bliss Hospital**

Address: No 65,1St Main,Sheshadripuram,Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560020

Contact: 080`-68432200

Manipal Hospitals (Bengaluru) Private Limited

Address: #71/1,Millers Road, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560001

Contact: 080-9845524223

Surgiderma Hospital**

Address: # 5 Ac927 Hrbr 1 Block, Near Shakti Vinayaka Temple, Babusapalya, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043 Bangalore Karnataka 560043

Contact: 080`-9535377896

Jayanagar Orthopedic Center

Address: No 24/1-1,14Th Main, 4Th Block East Jayanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560011

Contact: `080-9900100076

Medax Hospitals

Address: No.33&34, Star Avenue, Sultanpalya Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560032

Contact: `080-9886141198

Karthik Netralaya Institute Of Ophthalmology P Ltd**

Address: 89, 7Th Cross, N R Colony, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore , Bangalore Karnataka 560050

Contact: 080`-26674399

Apollo Cradle & Children'S Hospital(A Unit Of Apollo Bangalore Cradle Limited)

Address: No.25, 46Th Cross, 5Th Block, Near Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Jayanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560011

Contact: 080-08042659918

London Care Hospital

Address: 18Th Main Road,Kumarswamy Layout, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560078

Contact: 080-9611374397

Parimala Health Care Services **

Address: Billekahalli, Banneragatta Road, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560076

Contact: 080-26583117

Dr Tulip'S Obesity & Diabetes Surgery Centre**

Address: 640, 12Th Main, 80 Feet Road, 4Th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034 Bangalore Karnataka 560034

Contact: 080`-46463333

Jotsnareddy Hospital Pvt Ltd

Address: No-9 Akshya Nagar,Tc Palya Main Road,Kowdenahalli,Rammurthy Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560016

Contact: 080`-9606056460

Altius Sripada Hospitals**

Address: 511 Outer Ring Road 4Th Block 1St Stage Hbr Layout Bangalore Karnataka 560043

Contact: 080-8882799799

Sonu Hospital

Address: No 315 Begur Main Road Hongansandra Bangalore Karnataka 560068

Contact: 080-25744114

Sunrise Hospital**

Address: #9 Dr. Shet'S Building, Keerthi Harmony Road, Jayanthi Nagar Main Road Near Raghavendra Circle Ramamurthy Circle, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore-560016 Bangalore Karnataka 560016

Contact: 080-7795660562/7795660561

Arka Hospital- Sfygmos Healthcare Pvt Ltd**

Address: No 804 B Sector Double Road Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Road Yelahanka New Town Bengaluru Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-416751511

Shreyas Maternity Home**

Address: 356 2Nd Floor Sawmy Vivekanad Road Hosakote Bangalore Karnataka 562114

Contact: 080-29562126

Ramaiah Leena Hospital**

Address: Snarasimhaiah Layout Budigere Road Devanahalli Town Bangalore Karnataka 562110

Contact: 080-27682280/81/82

Leelavatti Multispeciality Hospital**

Address: 7,2Nd Main Road Chamarajpet Bangalore Karnataka 560018

Contact: 080-42110097

Eskay Healthcare**

Address: 274 3Rd Cross Brindavan Layout Shettihalli Jalahalli Wes Bangalore Karnataka 560015

Contact: 080-28371650

Chiraayu Hospital**

Address: 1 Pemmegouda J C Nagar Munireddy Palya Bangalore Karnataka 560006

Contact: 080-23437544

Mari Gold Hospital**

Address: 243,7Th Main Road Mico Layout Btm 2 Stage Bangalore Karnataka 560078

Contact: 080-46729555

Mtb Orthopaedic And Trauma Hospital**

Address: 456 Opp Phoenix Whitefield Road Mahadevapura Bangalore Karnataka 560048

Contact: 080-41116777

Sri Lakshmi Super Speciality Hospital

Address: 301, 3Rd Main Road, Old Extension, K.R. Puram Bangalore Karnataka 560036

Contact: 080-9635566566

Manjunatha Nethralaya Eye Hospital**

Address: 44 Ammaji Comlex Bhuvaneshwari Nagara 1 Floor T Dasarahalli Hesaragatta Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560057

Contact: 080-28372777

Sri Sai Rangaa Hospital**

Address: 101 Main Road Sulibele Hosakote Bangalore Karnataka 562129

Contact: 080-27951588

Rajarajeswari Medcial College & Hospital**

Address: #202, Kambipura, Mysore Road Bangalore Karnataka 560074

Contact: 080-65666768-65661805

Republic Hospital

Address: No. 5, Langford Gardens Bangalore Karnataka 560025

Contact: 080-22215761-222133

Sarojini Hospital

Address: No.-39/2 Yash Avenue, 8Th Mile Circule, Tumkur Road Bangalore Karnataka 560057

Contact: 080-28396739

Trinethraalaya Eye Care & Surgical Centre**

Address: #22/2 13Th Main, Srinagar Bangalore Karnataka 560050

Contact: 080-25990004

M.S. Ramaiah Memorial Hospital

Address: New Bel Road, Msr Nagar, Msrit Post Bangalore Karnataka 560024

Contact: 080-23608888, 23609999

N.R.R. Hospital

Address: No. 3&3A, Hesaraghatta Main Road, Chikkasanda, -560090 Bangalore Karnataka 560090

Contact: 080-28374115-116

The Bangalore Hospital

Address: 202, Rashtriya Vidyalaya Road, Basavanagudi Bangalore Karnataka 560004

Contact: 080-41187600, 26562753

Mallige Medical Center

Address: 31/32 Crescent Road Bangalore Karnataka 560001

Contact: 080-22203333

Manasa Trinity Heart  Hospital (Previous Manasa Slv Hospital)

Address: Site # 4/38, 1St Main Road, 4Th Phase Industrial Area, Yelahanka New Town Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-42042436

Nethra Eye Hospital

Address: 8, Poojary Layout, 80 Ft. Rmv 2Nd Stage Bangalore Karnataka 560094

Contact: 080-23512666

Pavan Hospital**

Address: No 110 J J Towers 3 Main Gandhinagar Yelahanka Old Town Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-48506858

Kanva Sri Sai Hospital**

Address: 227 Rajiv Gandhinagar Nandini Layoyut Bangalore Karnataka 560096

Contact: 080-23375143

Dr T.V. Ramesh Piles Hospital**

Address: 1St Main,Ganganagara Bangalore Karnataka 560032

Contact: 080-23336986

Sunetra Eye Hospital**

Address: # 519/34, 2Nd Cross, 10Th Main,B.S.K. 1St Stage Ii Block Bangalore Karnataka 560050

Contact: 080-22410500

Gurushree Hitech Multi Speciality Hospital

Address: # 1558, Opp. Chandra Layout Bus Stand, Chandra Layout, Vijaynagar Bangalore Karnataka 560040

Contact: 080-23392641

Anugraha Nursing Home**

Address: No. 2, Vinayaka Circle, Palace Guttahalli Main Road, 2Nd Main Rd, Palace Guttahalli Bangalore Karnataka 560003

Contact: 080-23562042

Vasan Eye Care Hospital**

Address: # 46, 19Th Main Road, 1St Block, Rajaji Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560010

Contact: 080-39419000

Vasan Eye Care Hospital**

Address: No.205-4C, 4Th Cross 3Rd Block, Hrbr Layout Next To Hennur Bus Depo Bangalore Karnataka 560011

Contact: 080-39890600

Manjunatha Maternity Home

Address: # 90/1, West Park Road, Malleswaram Bangalore Karnataka 560055

Contact: 080-23341332

People Tree Hospitals

Address: 2, Service Road, Tumkur Road, (Nh-4) Opp. Hotel Taj Vivanta, Yashwanthpur Bangalore Karnataka 560022

Contact: 080-49599999

Raksha Multispeciality Hospital

Address: # 141/142, 1St Main, Krishnanandanagar, Khb Colony, Police Quarters, Nandini Layout Bangalore Karnataka 560096

Contact: 080-23471005-06

Tathagat Heart Care Centre**

Address: #.31,Mallige Premises,'A'-Block, 1St Floor, Crescent Road Bangalore Karnataka 560001

Contact: 080-22357777

Chord Road Hospital Pvt Ltd

Address: #100, Lic Colony, West Of Chord Road, Basaweswara Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560079

Contact: 080-23225848-58

Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust Sankara Eye Hospital

Address: Airport White Field Road Kundalahalli Gate, Varthur Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560037

Contact: 080-28542727/28/29

Dr. Rudrappas Nursing Home

Address: 5, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Cross Road Bangalore Karnataka 560025

Contact: 080-22106688-22106699

Greenview Medical Center

Address: #20 And 21 14Th Main Opp. Agaram Lake, H S R Layout Sector V Bangalore Karnataka 560034

Contact: 080-25500552

Fortis Hospitals Limited

Address: 14, Cunningham Road, Bangalore Karnataka 560052

Contact: 080-41994444

Narayana Nethralaya (Chord Road)

Address: 121 C, Chord Road 1St R Block, Rajajinagar Bangalore Karnataka 560010

Contact: 080-66121400

Abhaya Hospital**

Address: 17 Dr. H.M. Mari Gowda Road Bangalore Karnataka 560027

Contact: 080-26563865

Rajmahal Vilas Hospital

Address: No. 138, Sanjay Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560094

Contact: 080-42664366

Hcg Bangalore Institute Of Oncology

Address: 44-45/2, 2Nd Cross, Raja Rammohan Roy Extension (Off, Lalbagh Double Road) Bangalore Karnataka 560027

Contact: 080-40206400-42862393

Sri Sai Krupa Hospital**

Address: #19/A, Opp, Lic Mathikere Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560054

Contact: 080-41275161

Kamath Nursing Home

Address: No 1, Venkatram Layout, M.S. Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560033

Contact: 080-25462913

Seventh Day Adventist Medical Centre

Address: 8, Spencer Road, Frazer Town Bangalore Karnataka 560005

Contact: 080-25360190

Apollo Specialty Hospital

Address: No. 21/2, (2) 14Th Cross, 3Rd Block, Jayanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560011

Contact: 080-30804444

Manipal Hospital- Yashwanthpur

Address: Brigade Gateway, # 26/1, 80 Feet, Dr. Raj Kumar Road, Malleshwaram West Bangalore Karnataka 560055

Contact: 080-39898969

Narayana Nethralaya

Address: No.1/1, 1st Main Road,Binnamangala Layout, Defence Colony, Hal 2nd Stage, 100 Ft Road, Indira Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560038

Contact: 080-66974000-3

Sagar Hospitals

Address: Shavige Malleshwara Hills, Kumaraswamy Layout, Banashankari Bangalore Karnataka 560078

Contact: 080-42999999

A.M. Hospital**

Address: No. 20/1, 2Nd Cross, Widia Layout, Chandra Layout Main Road, Vijayanagar Bangalore Karnataka 605110

Contact: 080-2339285

Vydehi Super Speciality Hospital Limited

Address: No 2, Mallya Hospital, Vittal Mallya Road Bangalore Karnataka 560002

Contact: 080-8296099030

Yogananda Medical And Research Center

Address: No-277, M.K.Puttalingaiah Road, Padmanabhanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560070

Contact: 080-26792251

Mangal'S Nursing Home

Address: 1152, 3Rd Main, 6Th Cross, K.N. Extension, Yeshwanthpur Bangalore Karnataka 560022

Contact: 080-23372909

Motherhood (A Unit Of Rhea Health Care Pvt Ltd)

Address: # 324, Chh Road, 1St Stage, Near Vijaya Bank, Indiranagar Bangalore Karnataka 560038

Contact: 080-25190000

Sri Maruthi Hospital**

Address: 50, Kondappa Garden, Kogilu Road, Maruthinagar, Yelahanka Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-28571526

Sun Orthopaedic Hospital**

Address: 24 Brindavan Nagar 80 Feet Main Road Mathikere Bangalore Karnataka 560054

Contact: 080-42188754

Sumathi Nursing & Maternity Home

Address: 426, 2Nd Cross, Mathikere Layout Bangalore Karnataka 560054

Contact: 080-23372762

Hitech Kidney Stone Hospital**

Address: 6/7/Cresent Road Cross Kumar Park East Bangalore Karnataka 560001

Contact: 080-22207113

Vagus Superspeciality Hospital

Address: 6, 7 & 8, 4Th Main, 18Th Cross, Malleshwaram Bangalore Karnataka 560003

Contact: 080-23082900, 23082912

Vittala International Institute Of Ophthalmology**

Address: Ca Site #1,2Nd Crs, 2Ns Main, 7Th Block, Banasanrari, 3Rd Stage Bangalore Karnataka 560085

Contact: 080-26722214

Specialist Health Systems Pvt Ltd

Address: 216, 7Th Main, 80 Feet Road, 1St Block, Hrbr Layout, Kalyan Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560043

Contact: 080-42122222

Bharathi Nursing Home

Address: No. 42/77, South End Road, Basavanagudi Bangalore Karnataka 560004

Contact: 080-26762645

Church Of South India Hospital

Address: 2 Hazarat Kambal Posh Road Bangalore Karnataka 560051

Contact: 080-22861103

Kusuma Hospital**

Address: No-237/37, 10Th Main Road, Nagendra Block Bangalore Karnataka 560050

Contact: 080-26421948

East Point Hospital

Address: 113 Bidarahalli Vironnagar Bangalore Karnataka 560049

Contact: 080-25136200/201

Deepak Hospital

Address: 259, 33 Cross Kanakapura Main Road, 7 Block, Jayanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560082

Contact: 080-26637043

Gunasheela Surgical And Maternity Hospital**

Address: 1, Dewan B, Madhava Rao Road Basavangudi, Opp Krishna Rao Park Bangalore Karnataka 560004

Contact: 080-46462645, 26673585, 26673588

Navashakthi Nethralaya**

Address: #1803, Outer Ring Road, Hbr Layout 5Th Block, 1St Stage Bangalore Karnataka 560043

Contact: 080-25289669, 25445004

Sakra World Hospital

Address: S.Y. No. 5212 And 52/3, Devarabeesanaahalli Varthuri Hobli Bangalore Karnataka 560103

Contact: 080-49694969

Pristine Hospital And Research Centre Pvt Ltd**

Address: 877 Medi Hospital Road West Of Chord Road, 2Nd Stage Extension Bangalore Karnataka 560086

Contact: 080-41354444/41270776/7

Hcg Bangalore Institute Of Oncology Speciality Centre (Healthcare Global Enterprises Limted)

Address: Hcg Towers, #8, P. Kalinga Rao Road Sampangi Ram Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560027

Contact: 080-40206000-40206010

Abhishek Nethradhama

Address: # Hig 2024, 3Rd 'B' Cross, Near State Bank Of India, Yelahanka New Town Opp National Public School Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-40933219

Samprathi Eye Hospital & Squint Centre**

Address: No.111/3, Railway Parallel Road, K P West Bangalore Karnataka 560020

Contact: 080-23367544

Dr. Solanki Eye Hospital Pvt Ltd (Previous Mahaveer Eye Hospital)**

Address: 191/1, 2Nd Cross, Link Road, Malleshwaram Bangalore Karnataka 560003

Contact: 080-41242181-23562211

Aditya Nethralaya**

Address: # 244, 7Th Cross, 6Th Block, Bsk 3Rd Phase, 3Rd Stage Bangalore Karnataka 560085

Contact: 080-26695392

Medstar Speciality Hospital

Address: 2270, Maruthi Plaza, Kodigehalli Main Road, Sahakar Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560092

Contact: 080-41127524/41127535

Axon Specialty Hospital

Address: No 321, 6Th Main Hal 2Nd Stage Indira Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560038

Contact: 080-43346333

Shekhar Hospital, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore

Address: No.942, 28Th Main, 9Th Block, Jayanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560069

Contact: 080-22454223

Manipal Hospital - Hebbal

Address: Hebbal, Kirloskar Business Parl, Bellary Road, Hebbal Bangalore Karnataka 560001

Contact: 080-41791000

Sunayana Eye Hospital

Address: No. 1156, 26Th Main, 4Th 'T' Block, Jayanagar, (Opp. 4Th 'T' Block Bus Depot) Bangalore Karnataka 560041

Contact: 080-22442356

V-Care Hospital

Address: #29, Ist Main Road, 1St A Block, Deve Gowda Road, Rt Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560032

Contact: 080-23434373-74

Dr. Agarwal'S Eye Hospital Ltd.**

Address: No. 33, Coles Road, Frazer Town Bangalore Karnataka 560005

Contact: 080-25498855

Jayashree Multispeciality Hospital Private Limited**

Address: 25, 26 And 27, 1St Cross, B Block, Vishwapriya Nagar, Begur Bangalore Karnataka 560068

Contact: 080-25745777/888

Narayana Hrudayalaya

Address: Bommasandra Industrial Area Anekal Taluk Bangalore Karnataka 560099

Contact: 080-71222222

V P Magnus Hospital

Address: 36, Vinayakanagara Layout, Binnamangala Village, Nelamanagala Taq Bangalore Karnataka 562123

Contact: 080-27725409/10/11

Devi Super Speciality Eye Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Address: #434, 18Th Main, 80 Feet Road, 6Th Block, Opp. Koramangala Bus Depot, Koramangala Bangalore Karnataka 560095

Contact: 080-25630563

Vasan Eye Care Hospital**

Address: 1127/A, 7Th Sector, Near Bda Complex, Hsr Layout Bangalore Karnataka 560102

Contact: 080-39207900

Sathya Sai Orthopaedic And Multispeciality Hospital

Address: 20/2, Bhattarahalli, Old Rto Office Cross, Old Madras Road,K R Puram Bangalore Karnataka 560049

Contact: 080-25612784/29730655/666/677

Sagar Hospitals

Address: # 44/54, 30Th Cross, Tilajnagar, Jayanagar Extension Bangalore Karnataka 560041

Contact: 080-23156979

People Tree Hospitals Meenakshi - A Unit of TMI Health Care Pvt Ltd

Address: # 979, 25Th Main Road, Bsk 1St Stage, 50 Feet Road, Opp. Pes College, Hanumanthanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560050

Contact: 080-26755800

Suguna Hospital**

Address: No. 1/A, 87, Dr. Rajkumar Road, 4Th 'N' Block, Rajajinagar Bangalore Karnataka 560010

Contact: 080-40194444-23327777

Fortis Hospitals Limited(Bannergatta )

Address: 154/9, Opp. Iibm, Bannerghatta Bangalore Karnataka 560076

Contact: 080-66214444

Sree Venkateshwara Speciality Hospital**

Address: # 1, Gupta Layout, Kakkasandra, Bannerughatta Road Bangalore Karnataka 560030

Contact: 080-42185163

Apollo Specialty Hospitals Private Limited, Koramangala

Address: Opus, 143, 1St Cross, 5Th Block Koramangala Bangalore Karnataka 560034

Contact: 080-43485555

Narayana Nethralaya

Address: No. 63, Next To Royal Meenakshi Mall, Bannerghatta Road, Hulimavu Bangalore Karnataka 560076

Contact: 080-30861200-1204

B W Lions Superspeciality Eye Hospital**

Address: # 5, Lions Eye Hospial Road (Off. J.C Road ) Bangalore Karnataka 560002

Contact: 080-22121255-53

Apollo Cardle (A Unit Of Apollo Specialty Hospitals Pvt Ltd)

Address: 101/209 & 210 Itpl Main Road, Kumdalahalli Brookefield Bangalore Karnataka 560037

Contact: 080-44244424

D G Hospital**

Address: #274/ 275 M.K.Puttalingaiah Road, Padmanabha Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560070

Contact: 080-26696810

Vasan Eye Care Hospital**

Address: # 897/C, 6Th Block, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala, (Opp. Ibp Petrol Bunk) Bangalore Karnataka 560095

Contact: 080-39890000

Mediscope Hospital

Address: No - 11 Pillanva Garden Bangalore Karnataka 560045

Contact: 080-25472756-25462301

Prolife Multi Speciality Hospital

Address: 248/249/289/101, B B Road, Byatarayanapura, International Airport Road, Opp. Kodandarama Swamy Temple Bangalore Karnataka 560092

Contact: 080-41162226/32528073-74

Narayana Nethralaya

Address: Narayana Health City, 258/A Bommasandra Hosur Road Bangalore Karnataka 560099

Contact: 080-66660668

Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital

Address: No-17, Millers Road, Vasanthanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560052

Contact: 080-41999300/40875555

Prasad Hospital**

Address: # 1494, B.H. Road, Nelamangala Bangalore Karnataka 562123

Contact: 080-27722112

Shushrusha Hospital**

Address: B.B. Road, Yelahanka Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-22460057

Green City Hospital

Address: No. 726, 17Th Cross, 6Th Phase, J.P. Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560078

Contact: 080-26536222

Vasan Eye Care Hospital**

Address: No-533, 108B Circle, Vijayalakshmi Arcade, Ganga Nagar Bus Stand, R. T. Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560032

Contact: 080-39207950

Medihope Hospitals & Reaserch Centre Pvt. Ltd.

Address: #114/1, Malleshpalya Main Road, New Tippasandra Post Bangalore Karnataka 560075

Contact: 080-67611000 

Bangalore Baptist Hospital

Address: Bellary Road Hebbal Bangalore Karnataka 560024

Contact: 080-22024411/505, 22024700

Sahana Hospital

Address: 143 2Nd Main, 7Th Cross, Kengeri Satellite Town Bangalore Karnataka 560060

Contact: 080-28485806

Shekar Eye Hospital (A Unit Of Varasiddi Hospitals)

Address: No. 633 100 Feet Ring Road, J P Nagar, 3Rd Phase Bangalore Karnataka 560078

Contact: 080-26593210

Nethradhama Hospital, Rajaji Nagar

Address: #30, 19Th Main Road, 2Nd Block Rajajinagar Bangalore Karnataka 560010

Contact: 080-43334111, 23132777

Vasan Eye Care Hospital**

Address: No.25/5-D, Outer Ring Road, Doddanekundi, Marathahalli Bangalore Karnataka 560037

Contact: 080-39890700

Sanjeevini Medlife Hospitals (India) Pvt. Ltd.**

Address: #760, 7Th Main, Last Bus Stop, Near Swimming Pool, Mahalakshmi Layout Bangalore Karnataka 560086

Contact: 080-23590365

St Martha'S Hospital

Address: No.5, Nrupathunga Road, Near Reserve Bank Bangalore Karnataka 560001

Contact: 080-41149192-95, 40128261, 40128209

Jupiter Hospital And Institute Of Vascular Surgery**

Address: 28, 7Th Main, 9Th Cross, Malleswaram Bangalore Karnataka 560003

Contact: 080-23313355-23441818

Unity Life Line Hospital**

Address: 193, 80 Feet Road, 2Nd Block, 2Nd Stage, Nagarbhavi Bangalore Karnataka 560072

Contact: 080-23183131

Vijaya E.N.T. Care Centre**

Address: No. 1, Ixth Cross, Malleswaram Bangalore Karnataka 560003

Contact: 080-23311837

Fortis Hospitals -International Hospital Ltd

Address: No. 111, Wcr, Rajajinagar 1St Block Mahalakshmi Puram Bangalore Karnataka 560086

Contact: 080-23004444

Chaitanya Hospital**

Address: 80 3Rd Cross, P And T Colony, R.T. Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560032

Contact: 080-23333581

Manipal Hospital

Address: Whitefield Bangalore Karnataka 560025

Contact: 080-7259035645

Best Hospital**

Address: No. 413, Near Kms Kalayana Mantapa, Hosur Main Road Chandapura, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560099

Contact: 080-278355445

Gangothri Hospital**

Address: 27, Kuvempunagar, (B.T.M. Layout) 100 Ft. Ring Road Bangalore Karnataka 560076

Contact: 080-26684574-26912729-26682734-26681516

J P Hospital

Address: B.H. Road, Nelamangala Bangalore Karnataka 562123

Contact: 080-27722165

Deeksha Hospital

Address: #387/347, Next To Post Office, B.B. Road, Nehru Nagar, Velahanka Old Town Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-28561228

Vinayaka Hospital

Address: No. - 110, 80 Ft. Ist Main, Sbm Colony, Bskist Stage, Hanumantha Nagar, Near Seetha Circle Bangalore Karnataka 560050

Contact: 080-26794148, 26796167

Sparsh Hospital For Advanced Surgeries**

Address: 146, Infrantrey Road, Opp To Police Commissioner Office Bangalore Karnataka 560001

Contact: 080-33282005

Meridian Medical Center

Address: 14,Standage Road,Opp Mosque Road,Frazer Town Bangalore Karnataka 560005

Contact: 080-40608000

Kids Clinic India Pvt Ltd (Cloud Nine)

Address: 47/1, 17Th Cross, 11Th Main, Malleshwaram Bangalore Karnataka 560055

Contact: 080-67152222, 67152220

Bharath Hospital

Address: No. 1402, J P Nagar, 1St Phase, K P Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560078

Contact: 080-26539923

Premier Sanjeevini Hospital

Address: #6/2, N.H. 4, T. Dasarahalli Bangalore Karnataka 560057

Contact: 080-65375555

S. J. Hospital

Address: # 2 N.G.E.F. Layout, Sanjaynagar Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560094

Contact: 080-23416836

Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital

Address: No-8 & 9, O Shaughnessy Road, Langford Gardens, Bangalore Karnataka 560025

Contact: 080-40302700

Retina Institute Of Karnataka

Address: 122, 5Th Main, Chamrajpet Bangalore Karnataka 560018

Contact: 080-22410106

The Eye Foundation**

Address: # 79/5, Outer Ring Road, Bellandur Bangalore Karnataka 560103

Contact: 080-49422000

Nu Hospital

Address: C.A. - 6, 15Th Main, 11Th Cross, Padmanabhanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560070

Contact: 080-42489999

Narayana Multispeciality Hospital

Address: Basant Health Centre Building, 18Th Main, Opp. Hsr Club, Sector Iii, Hsr Layout Bangalore Karnataka 560102

Contact: 080-71112300

Agadi Hospital & Research Centre

Address: 35 - H Siddaiah Road, Wilson Garden Bangalore Karnataka 560027

Contact: 080-22222925

Shirdi Sai Hospital

Address: No. 519, 2Nd Main, Netravathi Street, Devasandra, New Bel Road Bangalore Karnataka 560054

Contact: 080-42719999

Vasan Eye Care Hospital**

Address: No. 43, Sri Maruthi Complex, Garveybhavi Palya, Hongasandra Village, Begur Hobli, Hosur Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560068

Contact: 080-398903950

H.K. Hospital

Address: 106/2, Bangalore - Mysore Road, Near Rainbow Bridge, Kengeri Bangalore Karnataka 560060

Contact: 080-25908824

St. Philomenas Hospital

Address: 4, Campbell Road, Vivek Nagar Post Bangalore Karnataka 560047

Contact: 080-40164300

T.R. Hospital**

Address: 125/1 To 7, Kothnur Dinne Main Road, J.P.Nagar 8Th Phase Bangalore Karnataka 560078

Contact: 080-41663480

Lokhande'S Health Care Pvt Ltd

Address: 3Ac, 902, 3Rd A Cross, 9Th A Main, Hrbr Layout Kalyanaga Bangalore Karnataka 560043

Contact: 080-25456222

Vijaya Nethralaya**

Address: #5, 20Th Cross, Malagaya Under Pass, Ring Road, Nagarbhavi, 2Nd Stage Bangalore Karnataka 560072

Contact: 080-32988644, 23183834

Manipal North Side Hospital

Address: No-71, 11Th Main, Malleswaram, Opp. The Malleswaram Railway Station Bangalore Karnataka 560003

Contact: 080-23460468-23460469-23460470

Manjushree Hospital**

Address: 91, Kavalbyrasandra, Dr. Amc Road, R.T. Nagar Post Bangalore Karnataka 560032

Contact: 080-23632781

Manipal Hospital- Varthur Road

Address: Survey No.10P & 12P,Ramagondanhalli Village,Varthur Hobli , Whitefield Bangalore Karnataka 560066

Contact: 080-9591111226

Belle Vue Cambridge Hospital

Address: No. 18/17 Cambridge Road, Ulsoor Bangalore Karnataka 560008

Contact: 080-25367777

Zion Hospital And Research Centre Pvt Ltd**

Address: No. 83/1, 2Nd Cross, Keerthy Layout, Kammanahalli, Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560080

Contact: 080-43518000

Omega Multispeciality Hospital

Address: #.1236,'B'-Sector,Hig 1 & 2 Phase, Yelahanka New Town Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-28961155

Sri Sai Ram Hospital

Address: # No. 6, J.C. Industrial Area, Yelechenahalli (Near Metro), Kanakapuram Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560060

Contact: 080-28484238

Sri Narayana Superspeciality Eye Care Hospital**

Address: 11 Hig Khb Colony Near Hoskote Police Station Bangalore Karnataka 562114

Contact: 080-28484238

Dr Zamindars Microsurgical Eye Center**

Address: No. 1013, 1St Block, 3Rd Cross, Hrbr Layout, Banaswadi 100Ft Road Bangalore Karnataka 560033

Contact: 080-25495881

Suprabha Maternity And Medical Center**

Address: 170, 12Th Cross, 1St Main, Mahalakshmi Layout Bangalore Karnataka 560086

Contact: 080-23593832

Jai Maruthi Hospital**

Address: Hegganahalli Main Road, Near Peenya Ii Stage Bangalore Karnataka 560091

Contact: 080-28361097


Address: Opp. M.E.C. School, A Sector, Yelahanka New Town Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-28461933

Fortis Health Management Limited

Address: 23, Gurukurpa Layout Nagarabhavi Bangalore Karnataka 560072

Contact: 080-23014444

Namratha Nursing And Maternity Home**

Address: No. 158, 6Th Main Ii Stage, Ii Phase, West Chord Road Bangalore Karnataka 560086

Contact: 080-23492658

Kids Clinic India Pvt Ltd (Cloud Nine)

Address: 2Nd Floor, Plot No-11, Nagarjuna Sai Signet, Whitefield Main Road Bangalore Karnataka 560048

Contact: 080-44671106, 44671108

Pradnya Nethralaya

Address: No. 4, 6Th Cross, Ganesha Block, Dinnur Main Road, R.T. Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560032

Contact: 080-23540449

Hcg Msr Cancer Center

Address: M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, Msr Nagar, Msrit Post Bangalore Karnataka 560054

Contact: 080-22182929

S.K. Hospital**

Address: No. 3, 1St Cross, Jnanabharati Road, Nagarabhavi Circle Bangalore Karnataka 560072

Contact: 080-23213699

Dr. Malathi Manipal Hospital

Address: No. 45/1, 45Th Cross, 8Th Block Jayanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560069

Contact: 080-40091007

Shaker Nursing Home

Address: 260, Sampige Road, Near 17Th Cross, Malleswaram, Nil Bangalore Karnataka 560003

Contact: 080-23345901

Bms Hospital Trust

Address: #618, Opposite Bms Engineering College, Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi Bangalore Karnataka 560019

Contact: 080-26613993

P D Hinduja Sindhi Hospital

Address: 12Th A Cross, Sampangiramanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560027

Contact: 080-22237117

Vasan Eye Care Hospital**

Address: Dsp Tower, No 40 , 1St Floor Above Icici Bank Ltd, Bannerghatta Road, Arekere Bangalore Karnataka 560076

Contact: 080-30404600

Rajnandini Hospital**

Address: No. 3, 6Th Cross, Old Bank Colony, Konanakunte Bangalore Karnataka 560062

Contact: 080-26320140-26323778-26324032

Ananya Hospital Pvt Ltd

Address: #389/44, 19Th Main, Rajajinagar, 1St Block, Rajajinagar Bangalore Karnataka 560010

Contact: 080-42626800

Kumar Nethralaya

Address: No. 562 Iii Main, Ii Block Rajajinagar Bangalore Karnataka 560010

Contact: 080-23424844

Nandana Health Care Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Address: # 320/C 321/A, 1St Stage 2Nd Phase, West Of Chord Road Manjunathnagar Bangalore Karnataka 560010

Contact: 080-23500244

The Pulse Multispeciality Hospital**

Address: No. 5/8/1, 20Th Main Road, Muneshwara Block Ginnagar Bangalore Karnataka 560085

Contact: 080-26724466

Sri Ram Hospital

Address: 107/2, Nishvasaha Centre, Opp. Traffic Police, Old Madras Road, K R Puram Bangalore Karnataka 560036

Contact: 080-25610988-28915894

Udhbhava Hospital

Address: # 114, 100 Feet Ring Road Banashankari 3Rd Stage Bangalore Karnataka 560085

Contact: 080-32916567

Venkateshwara Hospital**

Address: 506, Aswathakatte Road, V.V. Puram Bangalore Karnataka 560004

Contact: 080-26676282

Dr. Agarwal'S Eye Hospital Ltd.**

Address: Salarpuria Zest Building No 16 Bannergatta Road Bangalore Karnataka 560078

Contact: 080-26784010

Matru Nursing Home & Trauma Care Centre**

Address: No. 425/A, 6Th Main 3Rd Stage 3Rd Block, Besaveshwaranagar Bangalore Karnataka 560079

Contact: 080-23234187

M S Ramaiah Narayana Heart Centre

Address: Msrit Post, Msr Nagar, New Bel Road Bangalore Karnataka 560054

Contact: 080-22183444, 22183250

Bgs Global Hospital

Address: 67 Uttarahalli, Main Road, Kengeri Bangalore Karnataka 560060

Contact: 080-49067694-102

Citi Hospital

Address: 25/91, Chord Road, (Dr. D.R. Bendre Road ), Ii Block, Rajajinagar Bangalore Karnataka 560010

Contact: 080-23131777-8-9

Shreya Hospital**

Address: No. 73, 6Th Cross, 3Rd Main, Kengeri Satellite Town Bangalore Karnataka 560060

Contact: 080-28482958

Hosmat Hospital Pvt Ltd

Address: 45, Margrath Road Off Richmond Bangalore Karnataka 560025

Contact: 080-25593796

Nayak Hospital**

Address: No. 3367, 5Th Cross, Gayathrinagar Bangalore Karnataka 560021

Contact: 080-23327111-23329777

Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital

Address: No-19, 2Nd Main Road, 1St Phase, Peeye Industrial Area Bangalore Karnataka 560058

Contact: 080-42602424

Shanbhag Hospital

Address: No. 6, Thimmaiah Layout 2Nd Block, 3Rd Stage, 3Rd 'D' Cross Basayeshwaranagar Bangalore Karnataka 560079

Contact: 080-23222894

M S Ramaiah Harsha Hospital

Address: #193/4, Harsha Hospital Campus, Sondekoppa Circle, N.H.-4, Nelamangala Bangalore Karnataka 562123

Contact: 080-23608888-23609990

Nethradhama Superspeciality Eye Hospital

Address: No. 66, Indiranagar Double Road, Hal 2Nd Stage, Indiranagar Bangalore Karnataka 560038

Contact: 080-43332555

Kids Clinic India Pvt Ltd (Cloud Nine)

Address: # 1533, 9Th Main 3Rd Block, Jayanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560011

Contact: 080-40202222, 66732215

Kaveri Speciality Hospital**

Address: 15/2,4Th Cross, Hosur Main Road, Madivala Bangalore Karnataka 560068

Contact: 080-25537036

Vasan Eye Care Hospital**

Address: No.483, 16Th Cross, 18Th Main Road, Raja Rajeswari Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560098

Contact: 080-39890300

Dr. Agarwal'S Eye Hospital Ltd.**

Address: No.590, Service Road Of Sarjapur Road, 3Rd Block, Koramangala Bangalore Karnataka 560034

Contact: 080-25504555

Manipal Hospital- Doddaballapur

Address: Doddaballapur, Bashettihalli Bangalore Karnataka 561203

Contact: 080-300300

Sundar Hospital**

Address: 1 And 2, Hennur Road Cross, Lingarajapuram Bangalore Karnataka 560084

Contact: 080-25478586

Vidya Eye Hospital

Address: No. 47/E, 15Th Main, M.C. Road, Vijayanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560040

Contact: 080-2389854

Vasan Eye Care Hospital**

Address: No.28 And 29, 7Th Main Diagnal Road, Jaynagr 4Th Blook Bangalore Karnataka 560011

Contact: 080-39890500

Manipal Hospital

Address: No. 98, Rusthom Bhag, Airport Road Bangalore Karnataka 560017

Contact: 080-25023221-4660-4661

Motherhood (A Unit Of Rhea Health Care Pvt Ltd)

Address: No-514/1-2, Kaikondara Village, Sartapur Road Bangalore Karnataka 560104

Contact: 080-42666000

Kids Clinic India Pvt Ltd (Cloud Nine)

Address: 115, Kodihalli, Old Airport Road Bangalore Karnataka 560017

Contact: 080-66692222, 67929950

Bangalore Nethralaya**

Address: 946, 21St Main, Near Bda Complex, Banashankari 2Nd Stage Bangalore Karnataka 560070

Contact: 080-65375566

Rajshekar Hospital

Address: No. - 21 9Th Cross, J P Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560078

Contact: 080-42527555

Sparsh Super Speciality Hospital**

Address: No. 4, Tumkur Road, Yeshwantpur Bangalore Karnataka 560022

Contact: 080-49108000

Medcare Hospital**

Address: No. 12, S S Temple Street, V V Puram Bangalore Karnataka 560004

Contact: 080-26675530, 41239075

Divine Speciality Hospital**

Address: 110, 6Th Main, Iti Layout, Benson Town Post Bangalore Karnataka 560046

Contact: 080-23530333

Aster Cmi Hospital(A Unit Of Dm Health Care)

Address: No:43/2,Nh-&,Sahakar Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560092

Contact: 080-43420100

Dr. Agarwal'S Eye Hospital Ltd.

Address: Hig 2557, Sector B, 3Rd Stage Bangalore Karnataka 560064

Contact: 080-28461224-25

Nethradhama Hospital, Jaya Nagar

Address: No. 256/14, Kanakapura Main Road, Jayanagar, 7Th Block Bangalore Karnataka 560021

Contact: 080-26088000

Abhaya Eye Hospital

Address: # 77, 100 Feet Ring Road, Bsk 3Rd Stage, 5Th Block Bangalore Karnataka 560085

Contact: 080-65316155

Koshy'S Hospital(A Unit Of Little Flower Hospital Pvt Ltd)**

Address: T C Palya Main Road Ramamurthy Nagar Bangalore Karnataka 560016

Contact: 080-9986955202

Manipal Hospital-   Sarjapura Road**

Address: Survey No 46/2 Ward No 150 Ambalipura Sarjapura Road Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560102

Contact: 080-66756565

Sparsh Hospital **

Address: R R Nagar, Mysore Road Bangalore Karnataka 560098

Contact: 080-9880129005

Sri Lakshmi Hospital**

Address: 5, 6 & 7, Nagappa Reddy Layout Kaggadasapura C V Ramannagar Post Bangalore Karnataka 560093

Contact: 080-41676336

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