What are Pre-Hospitalisation and Post-Hospitalisation?

A health insurance policy acts as a financial umbrella for an insured person. This policy comes handy when the insured falls ill and needs hospitalization for treatment. Having an insurance policy enables you to opt for cashless treatments and gives you tax exemption under section 80 D of The Income Tax Act, 1961. 

A health insurance policy not just pays for the hospitalization treatment but covers much more if you opt for a comprehensive policy. A comprehensive policy also covers for day procedures and OPD outpatient department expenses. Therefore, always opt for a policy that is comprehensive and has the capacity to cover as many aspects as the range of insurance allows. Doing this will not only help you save a lot of money during an emergency but will also keep you away from monetary stress. 

As mentioned earlier, the health insurance policy largely covers the expenses of hospitalization. But having a comprehensive policy allows you to get more benefits which are not just limited to hospital expenses. There are medical expenses that occur before and after hospitalization and a comprehensive health insurance policy covers that. Such expenses are called pre and post-hospitalization expenses. 

What Are Pre-Hospitalisation Expenses?

Before a patient is admitted to the hospital, several medical tests are conducted. Doctors and specialists prescribe these tests to be sure that the treatment is heading in the right direction, and there are no errors in judgment. Tests are essential even to treat minor diseases these days, so before hospitalization doctors leave no stones unturned to give the patient the correct treatment. Normally, under any regular health insurance policy, the tests conducted prior to 30 days of hospitalization are covered under this policy. However, the number may vary depending on the insurer. The tests that fall under the category of pre-hospitalization expenses are blood tests, urine tests, X-rays, etc. 

What Are Post-Hospitalisation Expenses?

Post hospitalization expenses are expenses that are covered after the insured has been discharged from the hospital. Post-discharge expenses like medicine, follow-ups, and tests are covered under the post-hospitalization expenses. The insurance company provides coverage to people up to 60 days post-discharge. However, therapies like acupuncture, etc. are not included in the coverage. Again, the period of post-hospitalization coverage depends on the kind of policy that has been availed. 

In both, pre and post hospitalization expenses, such elaborate expenses are undertaken by the insurance provider only if the policy is of that magnitude. That is why it is important to be mindful while purchasing policies. For a few bucks, we should not let go of a good policy. 

Claiming Pre And Post Hospitalisation Expenses 

To raise claims in both scenarios, one must produce the original bills towards discharge copies and doctor’s certificates for reimbursement. While taking a health insurance policy, applicants should be aware and read all the benefits to make the most of all the features. 

Finally, insurance policies have a long list of clauses that are mentioned in the document. It is advised that everybody reads it carefully before finalizing the deed. This gives the insured complete clarity about the policy. 
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