Is cashless facility available under Mediclaim Policy for me?

At IFFCO Tokio, we have tie-ups with 4600+ hospitals, medical institutions, nursing homes and medical care providers to offer cashless treatment to the insured person or persons. Our cashless service, including Mediclaim policy for senior citizens, is available for a vast range of ailments, medical conditions, and injuries. All the hospitals that are covered under our network offer you the benefit of the best cashless Mediclaim policy treatment, where the insured person does not need not to pay any money or pay for any charges as charged by the hospital or the medical institution, all expenses are taken care of directly by us. However, these cashless payments by us are also subject to certain limits; we do not pay for expenses exceeding these limits.

We recommend all our clients to obtain a pre-authorization in the cases where the ailment is not life-threatening, including Mediclaim policy for senior citizens, to make sure that their cashless proceedings for such issues are streamlined and taken care of.