Your step by step guide to packing for a trip

If you do not consider the emotional aspect of it, the hardest part of relocation is the packing and unpacking. But lucky for you, all you need is a little organization and a game plan, and the stress of packing vanishes. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind and packing will truly be a breeze.

Don’t Procrastinate

Before you even begin to pack, you must realize that you cannot rush anything. Give yourself as much time as it is possible to decide what you would want to take and to actually pack it properly. Start at least 6 months before your moving date so you can avoid any last moment hiccups.

Get Rid of the Excess

It would be so easy if we could simply pick up everything we have and place it as it is at the new home. But the thing is that you cannot take everything with you, and in fact, you SHOULD NOT take everything with you. Take this chance to get rid of the stuff that just sits around gathering fluff. If you’re in doubt, throw it out. Hold a garage sale, donate it to charity, sell it off, but get rid of the stuff that you do not use. Lesser stuff means easier packing and lesser moving costs

Get the Supplies

Now you have a stash of all that you need to pack up. The next step is to gather the supplies that you will need throughout the process. Get it all in one go. Buying just some things, then making last-minute dashes to the market won’t help anyone. When you do get the supplies, remember that we don’t just mean packing materials and boxes. We also mean the tape, the markers, the labels, etc.

Make a Game Plan

You’re ready to pack, but that doesn’t mean you just dive into it. Don’t go haphazard into the packing. Make a game plan, divide it into smaller tasks (packing room by room is a good idea), set timelines, and stick to them.

Tip – Pack the things you use the least first, so the things that are used daily can be packed in the end.

Don’t Forget the Labels

How do you keep track of your stuff that is being moved? How do you know where which box goes? The answer is to label everything. That will make the unpacking easier as well.

Extra Tips

This guide can help you make your game plan for packing. But here are some more tips anyway:

  • Pack the heavy stuff at the bottom of the boxes and the lighter stuff at the top. This way nothing gets crushed.
  • Make sure that you do not make the boxes too heavy. 
  • Be prepared with enough filling material for the more fragile items.
  • All fragile items will need to be cushioned before they can be packed.
  • Don’t leave too much empty space in the boxes. Fill it up with crumpled paper if you must.
  • Reinforce the bottom of the boxes with proper packing tape.

All you need is a calm organization to turn packing from dread to a manageable task.


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