What is Roadside Assistance Cover in Car Insurance

Being a proud owner of a vehicle, you might often underestimate considering that no matter how best your car model is or how well you take care of it, it can suffer a breakdown at some point of time. Even more, driving on Indian roads could be challenging due to the potholes and traffic jams. These reasons often lead to car’s breakdown.

Imagine you are on a road trip in your car, and suddenly your car breaks down amidst an isolated area. This will not only cause a panic of finding a mechanic and getting the vehicle repaired but also spoil the mood of the trip. 

These unpleasant incidents can now be avoided with the right car insurance policy. How? Just by opting for roadside assistance cover. This is an add on feature that can be included in the commercial vehicle insurance policy as well in private car insurance policy. IFFCO -Tokio is providing this feature as a complementary cover with any car insurance plan purchased online.  

The car insurance coverage feature under roadside protection facility may differ from one insurance company to other. There are a few features that are found common in all plans; these are: 

  1. Battery Breakdown –

    This is the most common problem faced by almost all cars. Your car might seem to be perfectly alright at a point and suddenly suffer the battery breakdown. This can happen due to various reasons like extreme climate, loss of water, lack of maintenance, etc. The road protection facility under car insurance includes aid on battery breakdown and wherever the jumpstart is required.  

  2. Flat Tyre –

    Every car owner has at some point or other suffered a flat tyre situation. If you drive off-road or on scattered debris areas, flat tyre problem is a common situation. No matter how many spare tyres you carry, you might need help at some point. This cover feature is added to your car insurance policy. 

  3. Towing –

    Car breakdown doesn’t see the place or time, and moreover, it happens at the most unexpected time. Pushing your car manually to the garage from an isolated area in the middle of the night can be worse than a nightmare. Hence the roadside assistance sends aid to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage available.  

  4. Empty Fuel Tank –

    In case you face empty fuel tank issue in the middle of the journey, do not worry. The roadside assistance car insurance policy assures to provide you with fuel supply, and you don’t have to worry about finding a gas station in an unknown area. 

  5. Spare Keys –

    It may sound silly but forgetting the key in the car while getting out of it is a common mistake. The insurance company offers to deliver spare keys in case you lock your keys inside the car.

  6. Alternate Transport –

    Imagine your car breaks down in the middle of the journey and would take considerable time to repair your vehicle. In this case, you will get help as an alternate vehicle to help you reach your destination.

  7. Accommodation –

    As mentioned in the earlier point, in case of a car breakdown in the middle of a journey that would require say overnight to fix the issue, you might need to look for accommodation options. Roadside assistance car insurance policy takes the cover of accommodation facility in such a situation.       

  8. Minor Repairs –

    Not only major car breakdowns but the roadside assistance car insurance helps you with minor breakdowns as well. 

Taking a roadside assistance car insurance can surely solve the hassles in times of unexpected car breakdown. You can research online about different plans available and select the best car insurance with roadside assistance.
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