What is Roadside Assistance Cover in Car Insurance?

Roadside Assistance (RSA) has many other names, like On-road Protector, Car Helpline and Car Breakdown service. Any car, regardless how premium or expensive it might be, can suffer a breakdown or run out of fuel/battery anytime, anywhere – sometimes, leaving you stuck in the middle of nowhere. During those times, finding a garage or a mechanic could be challenging and cause unpredictable delay to your journey. Neither you want to experience that nor do we want you to experience such. ! Therefore, hassle arising out of such incidents can be minimized with the help of Roadside Assistance services – which provides complete peace of mind when you drive your car anywhere in the country – 24/7. The service is often provided during the term of the car insurance policy at a free or chargeable basis, depending upon the insurance policy.


Coverage under Roadside Assistance (RSA)

The coverage offered under Road Side Assistance varies across insurers. Here are some of the popular inclusions:

  • Battery Jumpstart / Breakdown -

    This is the most common problem faced by almost all car owners. Your car might seem to be in perfect condition, but it ccan suddenly suffer a battery breakdown. This can happen due to various reasons like extreme weather conditions, leaving car light switched on overnight, loss of battery water, lack of maintenance, and more. If battery is stalled due to any reason, it would require a jumpstart; the RSA facility covers such instances.

  • Flat Tyre –

    Every car owner has, at some point or other, suffered a flat tyre situation. If you drive on rural or un- metalled roads, then flat tyre problem is a common situation. Replacing a flat tyre is complex, tiresome task and requires tools to replace. Thus, RSA service help you in dealing with a flat tyre situation. RSA helps in the replacement of flat tyre with the spare tyre carried in the insured vehicle.

  • Towing Facility –

    Car breakdowns can occur at the most unexpected time and odd places. Pushing your car to the garage in an isolated area in the middle of the night can be worse than a nightmare. At that time, the only thing one thinks about is if someone could rescue/help them. Hence, the roadside assistance facility sends aid to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage

  • Empty Fuel Tank

    In case you run out of fuel while driving to your destination, do not panic. The roadside assistance assures to provide you with fuel supply on a chargeable basis, and without you having to worry about finding a fuel station in any area.

  • Spare Keys –

    It may sound silly, but forgetting the key inside the car while getting out is a common mistake. RSA cCover offers to arrange spare duplicate keys from your home in case you locked your keys inside the car.

  • Taxi/Cab benefits –

    Imagine your car breaks down and requires a major repair. In that case, you will receive financial aid to hire a taxi/cab to reach your destination while your car gets repaired.

  • Accommodation Assistance –

    Iin case of a car breakdown far from your home and requires substantial time to repair, and then RSA provides you monetary aid to pay for your overnight stay.

  • Minor Repairs –

    Roadside Assistance coverage can help you with minor repairs at reasonable charges.

  • Medical & Legal Referral -

    If you suffer from any medical problem arising due to an accident or if you require legal advice at the time of an accident, RSA can help you with contact details of medical/legal professionals present nearby to your location.

  • Facilitate finding a garage/dealer -

    Under this coverage, RSA will assist you in providing contact details of an authorised garage/dealer nearest to your location.


Important things to keep in mind regarding Roadside Assistance (RSA)

  • Approval of an insurance company is required for availing the RSA facility.
  • The car insurance policy should be active at the time when you want to avail the RSA facility.



**Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before going ahead with the sales**


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