4 Things You Must Take Care of Before Buying Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has become a must for all travelers these days. Facts state that at least 1 in every four people tends to lose their baggage while traveling, and there is an 18% chance of your flight getting delayed. Travel, though great for the soul, can also be a source for anxiety regarding complications that may arise in a foreign land. For peace of mind and hassle-free travel experience, buying travel insurance has become a norm. But just because you need one, does not mean that you should buy any insurance with eyes closed. There can be policies that will suit your needs perfectly, and there are many that will not. So before you buy a travel insurance policy, here are 5 questions that you must ask:


What is the maximum payable?

This is an important question. Bills and expenses have a habit of piling up when emergency strikes, so always make sure that the maximum payable offered by your policy is enough to cover any emergencies.


Do I need separate medical insurance?

Though most policies provide medical coverage to the insured, not all of them do. So before you pay the premium for your travel insurance, confirm whether it covers medical emergencies as well as travel-related emergencies.


Will the policy cover any complications arising out of a pre-existing condition?

Most policies do provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, but this varies from policy to policy. Make sure you know about the conditions which apply to this clause of the policy and see whether you fulfill them or not.


Are all activities covered?

Don’t just assume that your basic travel insurance policy will cover you for everything. If you are going to indulge in adventure sports, they may be classified as high risk and outside the scope of coverage. Confirm what is not covered as a high-risk activity, and make sure that you get a plan that covers what you wish to do.

A few questions asked may seem like a task, but these few questions could end up helping you save a lot on your travel insurance.


**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions, etc. read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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