7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance

Life is unpredictable as it is, and the risks only increase when you are on a foreign land among people you do not know at all. Anything can happen during such travels, and there is no guarantee that your trip will go as per what you intended it to be. From being mugged to meeting with an accident, you risk all kinds of vulnerabilities when on the go. Such is the nature of these things, that your trip can take the most unexpected turns, and that too at the most inconvenient of times. This is where having financial cover in the form of travel insurance can come to your aid.

Travel insurance can help you maximize the enriching benefits of traveling while assuring that you are prepared to meet any sort of circumstance that may befall you during the journey. To help clear away your doubts regarding travel insurance better, here are certain benefits that such a plan comes packed with: -

1.     Support in case of medical emergencies

Being ill is one thing but being involved in a medical emergency when on a flight or in a different country, is a totally different situation. Availing medical treatment in a foreign country without the subsidies that are offered to the locals can be exponentially expensive. Furthermore, instances of medical evacuation from the scene to the closest medical facility will only add to the expenses.

Having an overseas travel insurance policy with an adequate cover which includes protection against medical expenses/hospitalization, will save you from being unaided.

2.     Reclaim flight rescheduling and cancellation fees

Rescheduling or cancellations of flights due to various reasons from medical emergencies, bad weather, to strikes, can disturb even the best-made travel plans. And without travel insurance to back you up, you end up paying for the flight cancellation charge or any other charge that may be associated with your trip. With travel insurance at hand, such charges are aptly taken care of.

3.     Replacement of lost or stolen luggage

Theft or misplacement of luggage or any other value is not uncommon when on a journey. Be it a broken phone due to the carelessness of an airline baggage handler or loss of your credit/debit card/passport on the journey, the right travel insurance will cover all the blips for you.

4.     Coverage for the entire family

Traveling along with your family involves more expenditure than solo travel does. And while you may still manage certain expenses on your solo trip, it is a given that you will require some support in case of a family trip. The good part is that there is family travel insurance available in the country that covers the entire family including two adults up to 60 years of age, and dependent children up to 21 years of age.

5.     Protection against personal liability

A travel insurance plan can also come to your aid if you are found responsible for injury or property damage suffered by someone else, when on a trip. Instead of being a victim in an accident, you may be the one at fault or there may arise a situation where your kid damaged some values which you will have the need to pay for, to the owner. However, with travel insurance, you have such unanticipated scenarios covered as well.

6.     Safeguards your home when you travel

Certain travel insurances also provide security to your house while you are traveling abroad. Protection against expenses due to burglary or fire generally falls under the plan. Specific policies may also allow your family to opt for automotive assistance, medical concierge or lifestyle services besides other value-added services.

7.     Stress-free stays and travels

With an appropriate travel insurance plan, you can ensure a stress-free journey while recouping your losses against unanticipated eventualities. It will also help recompense for longer stays in the travel destination owing to a health breakdown until you are well enough to travel again.

Travel insurance is a must-have not only for all those who believe in making the most of their travels but the occasional travelers as well. With several travel insurance policies available online, you can now compare and buy the best plan for yourself.

Let your travels be about great memories, no hassles! 

**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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