A Brief Guide about Travel Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens

Travelling is something that is not limited to any specific age group. Especially when it comes to people who are looking forward to retiring, travelling or taking a vacation can be one of the things that rank high on their to-do list.

But with old age, the number of risks associated with travelling also increases exponentially. Health-related problems especially become an issue that may befall a person at any given time. Apart from that, if faced with any adversity, a senior citizen may just not be up to the task for dealing with it on their own.

Thus, getting travel insurance for senior citizens is one of the things that should never be forgotten before travelling.

Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens and Its Importance

Travelling overseas or even domestically can be an amazing experience that goes off without a hitch, but there is still a slight risk that an unexpected issue might mar the trip. Things like robbery, lost luggage, lost travel documents, an accident, or a medical emergency can put you in quite a pickle. The costs and efforts involved in recovering from these can be a lot.

Travel insurance acts as a safety net against such risks. By spending a small amount of money as policy premium, you can be shielded against a number of problems that might occur during your travels.

Travel insurance for senior citizens should especially be a prerequisite when travelling overseas. Since any medical emergency might occur at any point in time for senior citizens, travelling without insurance can become very expensive and cumbersome, especially in a foreign country.

Expenses like hospitalization, seeking medical care, or simply visiting a doctor can be quite high in a foreign country. But with travel insurance for senior citizens, there is a guarantee of receiving cashless treatment without any hassles. And in case of other issues that may occur, like delayed/lost baggage, lost travel documents, etc., travel insurance ensures that you have ample assistance in dealing with them. However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind before settling on the right travel insurance for senior citizens.

Things to Check before Getting Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

While many companies offer travel insurance for senior citizens, it is important to conduct some research on the matter before settling on one.

Few of the things that you should check before buying an insurance policy are:

1. The Sum Insured

Keep your health conditions and your budget in mind when you decide the sum insured for the policy. It is also advisable that you choose the sum insured based on the destination you are travelling to. For example, countries like the USA have higher medical costs than India, so a higher sum insured would suit you better.

2. Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Choose a plan that covers pre-existing illnesses. Some plans do not cover pre-existing conditions that may be life-threatening, while others offer limited coverage for them. Also, remember that policies that are offered after a medical check often have better benefits and fewer hassles in making claims.

3. About the Coverage

Make sure the insurance you choose covers trip cancellation and trip delay. Then again, make sure you avoid plans that have per disease or accident restrictions. Check out the inclusions of the policy thoroughly, but also remember to go through the exclusions when purchasing travel insurance for senior citizens.

Buying the Insurance Plan

Most of the leading insurance companies in India offer travel insurance for senior citizens. By visiting the websites of these companies, you can calculate the premium based on your age, duration of stay, visa, destination, coverage needed, etc. Make sure that you compare a few insurance policies to ensure that you can get the best deal.

About the Premium

The premium charged for travel insurance for senior citizens depends on a number of factors, like the total sum assured chosen, the place you are travelling to, whether the insurance is for a single trip or for multiple trips, and the duration of your stay.

Before buying travel insurance for senior citizens, make sure that you have read the fine print and gone through the policy completely. Do not take risks and have a safe travelling experience with the right travel insurance policy!!

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