Planning a Long or Short Trip? Get Travel Insurance

Overseas vacations promise a joyous time, but one should know that no trip is completely free from risks. Unless you are a business traveller, it is an established fact that you travel to an international location with an intention to relax, see beautiful landscapes, try new cuisines, and experience different cultures. However, regardless of why you are travelling, if you land in a crisis-like situation, an emergency, or has an accident, the entire experience of the trip can be hugely impacted.

So, if you wish to seamlessly enjoy your overseas vacation, then you should plan to get travel insurance before you head out for your trip. If you are still wondering about the why of travel insurance, here is a basic guide to help you understand more about it:

Importance of Long and Short Trip Travel Insurance

Regardless of whether you are going on a long or a short trip, whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure, travel insurance holds immense importance. Read on to know more about the benefits you get when you buy a travel insurance policy:

  • In Case You Get Injured or Sick

There is always a chance that you may get injured or sick while travelling. With factors like varying temperatures, late night or long flights, and changing time zones, there is a high chance that you may fall ill or even require hospitalization. This is where travel insurance steps in and helps you out with hospital charge coverage and 24X7 assistance.

  • In Case You Have to Change or Cancel Your Travel Plans

There is also a chance that you may have to cancel your trip or change your plans for some reason. When you cancel a prepaid trip, it can become quite an expensive affair. But, if you have travel insurance, then you will not have to worry about the finances or about the prepaid bookings before changing or cancelling your travel plans.

  • In Case of Lost or Delayed Baggage

Travel insurance generally offers coverage for expenses you may incur due to delayed baggage. Also, in a case where an airline loses your bags, travel insurance offers you reimbursement for the things you lost.

  • If You Lose Your Passport

In case you lose your passport or any other necessary documents during a foreign trip, your travel insurance offers you coverage for the same. Your insurer will provide you with the required assistance and help you get a fresh passport or other essential documents. The cost of a fresh passport will also be reimbursed under your travel insurance policy. In the end, you can avoid a lot of hassle in such a situation, which happens more often than not.

Steps to Book Travel Insurance Online

With almost all insurance providers offering insurance online via their websites, it has become easier than ever to find and purchase the most suitable travel insurance. The steps to book or buy travel insurance online are quite simple and straight forward.

  1. The first step is to analyse, shortlist, and choose the best travel insurance providers after comparing the quotes they offer, their policy coverage, and insurer reviews.
  2. Check the exclusions as thoroughly as you do the inclusions and go through all the fine details of the policy, including the fine print.
  3. Choose the travel insurance policy that not only has the most affordable premium but also offers proper coverage as per your needs and requirements.
  4. Make the payment online and you will receive the policy document on your email almost immediately.

Travel Insurance for Last-Minute Trips

Even if you have a last-minute trip to contend with, you can still get proper travel insurance. When you choose travel insurance in India, you are provided with comprehensive international coverage that offers protection from simple to complicated issues. Hence, a travel insurance cover helps you plan for any potential adverse occurrence. From a situation where you lose your passport to the occurrence of a medical emergency, a travel insurance plan will assist you at a time of emergency; and as mentioned, it is very easy to go online and purchase an insurance plan without any hassles.

Who are the Best Travel Insurance Providers?

You have several service providers to choose from in order to find the best travel insurance provider. For this, you can ask for quotes for different policies from the travel insurance companies. Then, check the coverage they offer and compare the premiums for the same. Find out about the company’s claim settlement ratio and see what previous customers have to say about the services. This way you will be able to choose a policy that suits you from a provider that offers good services.

Other Trip Protection Benefits

A travel insurance policy provides the abovementioned benefits which can really help at the time of need, in a number of emergencies. Other trip protection benefits that travel insurance offers include coverage in case of a cancelled flight. If your flight is delayed, your travel insurance will also cover expenses for an extended stay (if the delay is overnight or more).

All in all, understanding the importance of travel insurance is highly important. When you buy travel insurance, you save yourself from a lot of hardships and can make sure that your trip doesn’t turn into a nightmare. So, always go for a travel insurance policy when you are planning an overseas trip.

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