Road trip? Here's what your Travel Insurance should cover

A road trip has always been one of the most favorite ways to travel. The familiarity of being in your own car, the time spent looking at newer places, quality time spent with your traveling partners, the freedom to set your own schedule and itinerary, and the convenience of having your own conveyance are just some of the fun aspects of a road trip. Road trips are something where even the journey is part of the vacation experience. But before you get all excited and start packing your bags, ponder this – Do you have adequate travel insurance to cover your road trip? Is the insurance compliable to a road trip? 

We aren’t trying to burst your happy bubble, so we’ll help you with the insurance part. Let us list out all that you might need insurance coverage for, and you can cross-check whether your travel insurance is good for it.

Trip Delays

There are a lot of reasons that might cause delays to your trip; you could find diversions, jams, etc. which may cause issues, especially if you have pre-booked non-refundable vacation packages. For such situations, you should always check with your insurance provider if they provide reimbursements for such cases. Other situations may include travel to some remote areas, traveling to and from where might also cause certain delays.

Medical Emergencies

The first thing you want to check before you travel is if your medical insurance covers out of state emergencies. A road trip can be a source of a lot of medical emergencies, ranging from food poisoning to road accidents. Even if your medical insurance does not provide out of network coverage, most travel insurance policies come with medical coverage as well. The reimbursement from your travel insurance might not be as much as you would get from your normal medical insurance, but it is always a good idea to safeguard yourself as much as possible.


If your trip has even a few prepaid and non-refundable bookings, travel insurance is a must. Life happens, and trip cancellation benefits will lessen your financial burden. Most plans already have a cancellation stipulation, but make sure you cross-check the exact inclusions and exclusions before you drive away.

The Coverage Period

A lot of travel insurance policies provide coverage from the day of your first check-in at a hotel. But when it comes to road trips, you should talk to the insurance provider and then purchase a policy that covers you from the moment you leave your driveway. Road trips take time and you need to be covered for the entire way.

The Vehicle

Whether you’re going by car, by rental, or by bike, do your research concerning your auto insurance. What is covered? What are the exclusions? What is the out of network coverage? You need to be sure that your vehicle is also covered by your auto insurance. If not, look for travel insurance that will provide you with the coverage you need.

A road trip can be one of the most fun experiences ever. A chance to bond with your travel mates, spend your road trip concentrating on the fun and not worrying about insurance.

**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions, etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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