Tips to Buy Best International Travel Insurance

Opting for the first plan that seems to be a good one is not the best idea. For selecting the best international travel insurance, consider the following aspects:

  • Coverage.

  • Limits.

  • Exceptions.

  • Options available.

  • Policy flexibility.

  • Claim process.

Each of these points has been discussed in the following sections.


The first thing that you must consider while looking at medical travel insurance to the USA is the coverage. All the benefits need to be taken into account before you buy a policy.

Also, you should keep in mind the purpose of the medical travel insurance to the USA as well since you may face different events as per the purposes while you stay abroad. For example, a multi-trip tour will have a higher probability of flight delays and lost baggage occurrences as compared to that in a single trip tour. Similarly, medical cover in study-travel insurance will be most important as you will be staying for a long time in the host country as compared to say, multi-trip or single trip travel insurance. Thus, before buying the overseas travel insurance, you need to ensure that the policy offers coverage as per the needs and objectives so that you can be prepared for everything.


Another aspect that you should keep in mind is the limitations of travel insurance. Since there are various types of insurance plans available, it is essential that you are able to identify a plan that meets your requirements completely.

In the case of trips with adventure sports involved, it is recommended that add-on plans are purchased since usual plans do not cover adventure sports. Therefore, you must ascertain the limits that must be set when it comes to the insurance premium.


Another aspect that must be carefully considered is the list of exclusions. Usually, disputes arise between the insurer and the policyholder on the rejection of claims on the basis that the claim filed is listed as an exception.

For this reason, it is important that you check the exceptions before buying the international travel insurance from India. Also, this will safeguard you from experiencing any unwelcome surprises.

Options Available

There are many types of international travel insurance from India that are available at IFFCO Tokio. However, you must ascertain whether the plan and the available riders are required or not.

If the options are not required, it will only add to the premium amount that you need to pay. Therefore, you must ascertain whether add-on options or the type of plan selected is appropriate or not, based on your need.

Policy Flexibility

A certain amount of flexibility in international travel insurance from India is always desirable. This is because if there are some last-minute changes in the plans, travel dates, or flight timings, then a flexible insurance cover will be an ideal option.

Furthermore, when a policy is flexible, it means that you can add or remove certain features to make it your own.

Claim Process

A major aspect that you need to consider is the steps involved while making a claim. You should read overseas travel insurance reviews before investing in an insurance policy.

Things that you should analyze while going through the reviews is the claims process, the time spent, and the time allotment for reimbursement. These reviews can throw light on the type of customer care service that can be expected and on certain dos and don’ts that one should follow.

These are tips that you should make use of when you are about to buy overseas travel insurance online.

Besides. there are a number of things that you should avoid while purchasing travel insurance. Some of them are:

  • Underinsurance.

  • Not doing the required research.

  • Failing to disclose necessary details.

Each of these points has been discussed in the following sections.


In the zeal to save money, there are times when people end up opting for insurance plans that don’t cover the features that are essential. For this reason, it is best to invest in an international travel insurance plan that will cover the essential features and safeguard you from all conceivable contingencies.

Not Doing the Required Research

If you fail to spend time on research it can translate into an expensive decision. It is in your interest that you go through all the policies available to ensure that you choose the best available plan.

Failing to Disclose the Necessary Details

It is very important to disclose all details, including any pre-existing disease, to the foreign travel health insurance provider before purchasing it. If the insurance company finds out that there are discrepancies in the information furnished, then it may prompt them to increase the premium charged. Worst, it may lead to the rejection of claims.

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