Common Myths Related to International Travel Insurance

There are some people who believe that investing in international medical travel insurance is a smart move while others disagree. Some people believe that they are not going to use the overseas travel insurance from India and consider it an unnecessary expense.

However, the fact of the matter is that an emergency can take place at any time and any place even if one is careful. As a result, if an emergency takes place then one will have to pay for the expenses out of their own pocket, which can be a very stressful situation to encounter.

Another reason why people often believe that international travel insurance from India is not worth taking up is because of a number of common myths associated with it. Most of these misconceptions are quite baseless:

  • Nothing will happen on my trip.

  • Domestic life and health insurance will also cover my travel.

  • Travel insurance claims processes are too complicated.

  • Only adventure seekers need travel insurance.

  • Travel insurance can be booked at the last moment too.

  • Airlines will take care of travel needs in case of delay or cancellation.

  • All travel insurances are alike.

Each of these points has been discussed in the following sections.

Nothing Will Happen on My Trip

It is always good to be optimistic, but without appropriate international travel insurance from India in place, it is a gamble that one should not take. Even though the assumption is true to a large extent, but you cannot completely rule out the possibility of occurrence of a situation when you require emergency medical services, medical evacuation, or need to apply for trip cancellation reimbursement.

For this reason, it is recommended that you invest in medical travel insurance to USA or other countries just to be on the safe side. It’s better to invest a small amount to be insured rather than have no coverage at all and repent later in an emergency situation.

Domestic Life and Health Insurance Will Also Cover My Travel

A common misconception that most people have is that their life and health insurance policy will cover them while they travel abroad. Technically, this is accurate, but it is not an adequate back-up plan in case of an emergency, where expensive medical treatment abroad may have a cap in one’s domestic insurance plan.

For this reason, it is essential that travellers purchase medical travel insurance to USA or other countries that will cover one’s interests. There might be cases where the domestic insurance plan expires and without valid travel insurance from India, one will have no form of protection. In such cases, the expenses abroad for emergency situation might create a deep hole in your pocket.

Travel Insurance Claims Processes Are Too Complicated

Another common myth that needs to be dispelled is that international medical travel insurance claim processes are too complicated. In case of an emergency, like any other form of insurance, one must inform the insurer at the earliest.

Time is of the essence when it comes to reporting claims while one is travelling, because the insurer can help the policyholder through their difficult time. One can get in touch with a representative of the insurance company over the phone.

For instance, if there are any last minute ticket cancellations or loss of baggage, contacting the insurance company will get the action started. Once they are aware of the situation, the insurer can start working and create an alternative plan or speed things up with the airlines.

Similarly, if hospitalization is needed due to a medical emergency, call the policyholder may get help very conveniently through the cashless claim process and conserve the foreign currency for other useful purposes during the trip.

Only Adventure Seekers Need Travel Insurance Online

As mentioned earlier on, online travel insurance to USA or other countries is essential for those travelling abroad and is equally important for all travellers, regardless of whether they will indulge in high-risk activities or not. If one really looks at the break down of online travel insurance, it meets the most basic requirements during travel and offers very practical coverage. Moreover, risk of occurrence of other situations cannot be completely ruled out.

I Can Book Travel Insurance in the Last Moment Too

It is true that purchasing best international travel insurance is a relatively simple process and hence, this task can be left for later. However, most people are unaware of the fact that the chances of getting a visa are higher if one has already purchased best international travel insurance.

The entire idea to buy international travel insurance online is that it protects the interests of the policyholder even before the trip begins, from the day the policy is purchased. For instance, if a sudden work or family emergency comes up before one’s trip that would require one to cancel all the tickets and accommodations.

In such scenarios, travel insurance for international travel is a good option, because it helps one file a claim for reimbursement for ticket cancellation. Without annual international travel insurance, it would have meant losing all the money spent on ticketing and accommodation.

Airlines Will Take Care of Travel Needs in Case of Delay or Cancellation

There are times when you might miss a connecting flight when all other flights are cancelled due to bad weather. Airlines may help by putting you on the next flight out, but what about the overnight stay and other related expenses?

The best travel insurance for USA from India can take care of such situations and much more, which is all the more reason why you should invest in one. The insurance plan will cover cancellation charges and help you book new tickets as well.

All Travel Insurances are Alike

Another thing that most people assume is that the best travel insurance options for USA from India are alike, which is far from true. There are so many types of policies available, based on the number of trips or the number of people traveling together.

Each of the different coverage types have something unique to offer and selecting the one that is closer to your requirements is the key to getting a good deal. So, there is something for everyone and you have the option to customize your plans as well, by selecting add-on plans to meet your requirements.

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