Things Usually Excluded from Mediclaim Policy

Inclusions are always in favor of the customer who jumps at the perspective of it. However, as little informed we are, the more dangerous it gets. Why one might question! Exclusions usually do not cross our mind, and most of the terms which we assume will be covered in the policy are excluded because it does not meet certain terms and conditions.

However harsh that might sound, a proper mediclaim policy in place should always be scrutinized in order to get the maximum benefits out of it. Exclusions form a major part of the contract which is duly ignored by most of us without a second thought. Therefore, financial gurus always suggest that you read exclusions before you jump to conclusions. Let’s have a look at the common exclusions.

There is always, a waiting period. However, your mediclaim policy does not apply to you as soon as you have purchased it. You need to wait for at least a month before the policy starts being in effect.

Injuries, ailments, and symptoms which arise from artificial means such as war, civil unrest, terrorism, nuclear effect, attempt to suicide, radiation, self-negligence, and harm are not covered whatsoever. If you are purchasing an online health insurance policy, the service provider wants you to take care of yourself as much as they do.

Terminal diseases which have no cure such as AIDS, HIV infection, other STDs which are also a case of negligence and are excluded from the terms of coverage.

Pre-existing diseases have a longer waiting period, and it is only fair that they have a longer waiting period before it is included in the mediclaim policy. It is recommended that you have a clear picture before you sign up for a healthcare plan with a vendor.

Unnatural treatments such as plastic surgery, cosmetic enhancements, hormone replacement therapy, sex-change surgeries, and the likes are completely excluded from the health insurance plans.

Optical procedures which are risky and delicate, dental fixtures, psychiatric disorders, genetic disorders, are excluded from the list of coverage.

The illness which is of lower severity such as common cold, body ache and therapy to diagnose these and post-care procedures are not included in your mediclaim insurance.

Any treatment which is availed beyond the Indian Subcontinent by a foreign medical practitioner is excluded from the coverage scenario.

Therefore, look before you leap to buy an online health insurance policy. Detailed scrutiny can help you make an informed decision about the plan which you have been looking forward to for yourself and the well-being of your family.
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