Types of Health Insurance Plans 

If you are looking forward to buying a Health Insurance policy online, choose a health insurance plan that provides cashless hospitalization and reimburses your all medical bills as listed in the policy document. It is essential that you read the policy wordings before buying a mediclaim policy. Now, even when you are ready to buy a health insurance policy, you still tend to get confused because there are so many plans which make deciding difficult. Start the process by understanding the different types of health insurance plans: -

Individual Health Insurance Plan

One of the most important features and offers by major health insurance providers is the individual health insurance plan. As you are starting off, an individual health insurance plan is what you look forward to purchasing. It protects you against several diseases be it critical or regular, along with cashless hospitalization facilities, ambulance expenses, so on and so forth. The sum insured in the offer document is applicable only to the person who is purchasing the policy. The premium for such a mediclaim policy, however, is determined by your lifestyle, your age, location, life expectancy records, and the likes, and can be calculated using a health insurance calculator. The individual is covered against all health odds listed in the policy document and becomes entitled to get the policy benefits.

Family Health Plan

A family health plan is one of the best health insurance plans in India which includes all your family members effortlessly under a single medical policy. In case you are looking for something comprehensive, a family floater mediclaim policy is what you need. The health insurance benefits of the plan can be availed by whoever is covered under the health insurance policy. Be it claims or advantages, your family is always covered.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Such health insurance plans are designed especially for anyone over the age of 55 years. Senior citizens can avail protection against diseases in their old age with the best health insurance plans in India. All health insurance providers are obligated to cover individuals up to the age of 80as they roll out mediclaim insurance i.e. health insurance benefits to the public.

Critical Illness Insurance

The best health insurance plans in India come with an array of benefits. Even then, there are a few points of coverage which might still be missing from the main plan. Therefore, you need to have a separate plan, a rider plan or an add-on in place to ensure that you get the maximum coverage and benefits. Surgery and critical illness plans are such standalone and riders that have to be purchased along with cheaper mediclaim insurance policies that do not offer them as a primary plan. Critical illnesses such as cancer, paralysis, kidney failure, heart attack, and the likes demand additional care and protection because the treatment and reimbursement amount is so high. Critical illness is always applicable to a terminal disease which is exclusively called out by the mediclaim insurance policy provider. Therefore, buy an online health insurance policy which provides a lump sum benefit when you are diagnosed with any kind of terminal conditions (as covered in the critical illness insurance plan). It could be one or more, but it has to be listed by the insurance provider.

Personal Accident Insurance

A personal accident cover clause protects you from any mishaps that might occur on the road, and that is what this is all about. It is a standard health plan which is provided to people who spend most of their time traveling. It is a health insurance policy customized for their benefit. It includes the cost of hospitalization, medical expenses, and the likes. Even if the health insurance benefits are fixed and allow the payment of a specified sum due to unforeseen circumstances, the payout is not fixed and varies from provider to provider. Therefore, the best health insurance plans in India are those that come integrated with policy riders, which can help you stay protected and covered when it comes to hospitalization charges in the event of an accident or anything serious which is unanticipated.

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