Cashless Claim in Health Insurance-Knowing Why Is It Important?

Health insurance is a crucial insurance policy that everyone must-have. Today, owing to the sedentary lifestyle, several people are suffering from various lifestyle-related diseases. Also, over the years, the cost of medical expenses has increased significantly. 

Not everyone can afford the best medical facilities easily, but everyone deserves to get one. For such reasons, it is prudent that everyone gets the best health insurance cover.

Health Insurance Claim 

Health Insurance claim settlement process can seem to be a long and tedious, especially if you are filing a claim for the first time. But if done smartly, you wouldn’t even have to be involved in the settlement process. Primarily, health insurance has two settlement channels, one is reimbursing, and the other one is a cashless health card. The former involves paper-work, but the latter is a breeze. These days people opt for a cashless transaction for health insurance as it doesn’t involve carrying cash around with you all the time. 

What is cashless Mediclaim policy?

Cashless Mediclaim policy is a form claim settlement that helps in paying off the hospital bill instantly, upfront. Cashless claims are gaining popularity every day, and more and more people getting health insurance policy are availing this feature for the comfort it offers. 

Important things to know about the cashless facility:

  • The cashless facility can be availed only if you seek treatment from any of the network hospitals of the insurer.
  • The hospital explains the insurer the condition and the treatment of the patient.
  • Even though it’s cashless, it is safe to maintain the copies of the hospital bills and medical expenses.
  • Carefully read the terms laid down by the insurer for the cashless facility.
  • If your treatment amount exceeds the sum assured, then the remaining balance has to be paid by you. The insurance company won’t be liable to pay the full amount in such a scenario.

How to make a claim with the cashless settlement?

There are two ways to settle claims in the cashless method.

Planned hospitalisation –

Here, you must fill the pre-authorisation form while carrying the card along. Once you send the form, the insurer will verify its authenticity. Once accepted, you can avail the cashless facility.

Emergency hospitalisation –

In case, of emergency hospitalisation, you can fill the authorisation form and expedite the request. However, if the approval doesn’t arrive on time, you can pay the bill and claim for reimbursement. 

What are the exclusions for Mediclaim facility?

The following things may not be covered under the Mediclaim policy:


  • Attendant fees
  • Hygiene products of the patient
  • Documentation charges
  • Service charges


Cashless facility is evolving every day, and insurance companies are adding more features to make the process more convenient for the buyers. So, if you’re looking for a health insurance policy, ensure you avail the cashless facility for a seamless process today.

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