What Should Be Avoided While Purchasing Travel Insurance?

Going on an international vacation or international business travel is indeed one of the most exciting things to do. But at the same time, it comes with its associated set of risks. Do you think about the possibility of losing your passport or your itinerary in complete disarray due to a delayed flight or even worse a medical emergency? The reality of it is that such issues can happen at any time and anywhere, that too uninformed, regardless of well you planned your international travel. While you have no control over such occurrences while traveling abroad, you can certainly mitigate the financial risk with the help of a travel Insurance for abroad.

To help you buy the best travel insurance plan here are a number of things that you should avoid while purchasing the policy. Some of them are:

  • Underinsurance
  • Not doing the required research
  • Failing to disclose necessary details
  • Each of these points has been discussed in the following sections.


In the zeal to save money, there are times when people end up opting for insurance plans that don’t cover the features that are essential. For this reason, it is best to invest in an international travel insurance plan that will cover the essential features and safeguard you from all conceivable contingencies.

Not Doing the Required Research

If you fail to spend time on research it can translate into an expensive decision. It is in your interest that you go through all the policies available to ensure that you choose the best available plan.

Failing to Disclose the Necessary Details

It is very important to disclose all details, including of any pre-existing disease, to the foreign travel health insurance provider before purchasing it. If the insurance company finds out that there are discrepancies in the information furnished, then it may prompt them to increase the premium charged. Worst, it may lead to the rejection of claims.


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