What Your Health Insurance Plan Covers?

It exclusively depends on the kind of health insurance policy you buy at IFFCO Tokio. You could get an individual health insurance plan in general but cannot expect it to cover all the critical illnesses that one is prone to without paying an extra premium. Therefore, it is essential that you scrutinize the plan coverage before you choose any. Different plans offer different coverage features few of which might be common to all. However, not all of them have the same features, and this is the key to choosing the best health insurance plan in India.

Most common features available in an online health insurance policy or mediclaim policy are as follows:

  • Hospital room rent or room charges.

  • Operation theatre charges in case of surgeries.

  • ICU room charges.

  • Organ transplant costs.

  • Cost of medicines.

  • Cost of X-Rays, MRI scans, CT scans.

  • Expenses towards surgical tools and devices.

  • Any other expense which is made to treat you to wellness.

The above features are exclusively known as Inpatient Hospital expenses or the general hospital expenses when you are physically present in the hospital for treatment. However, it is not essential that 100% of the medical expense would be borne by IFFCO Tokio. Every ailment and the level of treatment is always called out clearly in the policy document called terms and conditions, and one needs to pay special attention to that. However, hospitalization expenses are borne only and only if your policy has a pre and post hospitalization expenses mentioned. The criteria also depend on the number of hours you are admitted to the hospital for and it is expected to be a minimum of 24 hours

Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses

As the name recommends, pre-hospitalization expenses are the expenses that cover all your medical expenses before you are admitted to the hospital. It can include medical check-ups and diagnosis to analyze the ailment in general.

Post-hospitalization expenses amount to the sum of the bill which must be paid after the patient is discharged. It can be the amount that the patient in question is charged for any post-hospitalization activities such as follow up visits, routine tests, unsealing the stitches and the likes. Therefore, you can be sure that the mediclaim policy that you purchase or the health insurance plan that you sign up for would cover these basic necessary expenses.

Day Care Procedures

Sometimes, the disease or the symptoms that a patient incurs might require hospitalization for less than 24 hours. Few medical procedures allow the patients to go home on the day of minor surgery. Advanced medical equipment has made it simpler for common people to lead normal lives even if they have had surgery a few hours ago. These daycare procedures or minor surgical operations can be counted as out-patient features in the mediclaim insurance or the health insurance plan and allow the patients to procure maximized benefits at a reasonable cost. These procedures can include ENT treatments where you can get the ear wax removed or get the liquid instated; it could be a radiology therapy such as an MRI scan or an X-Ray for an anticipated fracture. Cataract operations, middle ear reconstructions, tympanoplasty, ophthalmology related surgeries, incision of tear glands and other minor operations comprise the likes of daycare procedures.

Home Treatment Features

Most of the time, people with a conservative mindset want to be treated in the comfort of their homes instead of going to the hospital due to personal preferences. Almost all mediclaim insurance products, including online health insurance plans, allow this feature and do not distinguish professional nursing set up from a domiciliary one. It could also be one of the alternatives when the patient is not liable to be moved from their home to the hospital due to logistic constraints or those of the medical condition. It could also be because the network hospital does not have enough means and resources to accommodate the patient any of the wards. Under such circumstances, medical isolation at home or domiciliary facility is made available to the insurance holder where treatment is meted out to the patient at their residence for at least 3 days. In the case of rider plan, this could also be extended to a greater span.

Cash Allowances and Cost of Health Check-Up

Daily Cash allowance is a unique feature, and not many service providers offer that. The family becomes liable to pay a bulk amount when it comes to transportation, food, accommodation at the hospital while taking care of their loved ones who are admitted to the hospital for obvious reasons. These petty expenses can come across as less when done on a day to day basis. However, a consolidated amount is always higher than anticipated and can be a burden to the family who already has to struggle with the ill health of their members. On top of that, if the sole income bearer of the family succumbs to ill-fated circumstances, it is, nevertheless, one of the toughest situations anyone can be in. Keeping such liabilities in mind, mediclaim insurance policyholders are allowed cash allowances where a pre-determined fixed amount is given to the caretaker who can spend it to make ends meet when in the hospital.

Health checks up are always a preventive measure. It could be a basic health check-up or even a master check-up which ensures that all physiological functions are in place and do not require any further treatment. As a policyholder, it is your responsibility that you walk into any network hospital and reimburse that bill. The insurer is liable to bear all the cost irrespective of the amount on the bill. Be it a regular X-ray, urine test, complete blood count test or anything along those lines, you can be carefree when it comes to keeping yourself safe and protected from the diseases.

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