What is Waiting Period in Health Insurance?

Waiting period refers to the number of days for which a health insurance plan does not provide any coverage to the insured, other than for emergency cases like accident.

Does this health insurance plan cover maternity expenses?

No. Expenses related to or arising out of pregnancy, (except ectopic pregnancy) are not covered under this plan.

How many family members does this plan cover?

The Swasthya Kavach Policy covers the proposer, spouse and 3 dependents. (children, sibling, nephew and niece in the age group of 3 months-23 years)

What do you mean by sub-limit?

Sub-limit is an additional limit that is applied on various aspects of a health insurance claim.

Can this insurance policy be cancelled by IFFCO Tokio?

IFFCO Tokio will not cancel your insurance policy, unless it is a case of misrepresentation, concealment of material fact or fraudulent act of insured.

Add-On Covers of Swasthya Kavach Policy Health Insurance

Add-on covers are additional covers that come alongside a standard health insurance policy and can be purchased by the buyer on payment of extra premium.

What is domiciliary hospitalization?

Domiciliary hospitalization refers to the medical treatment that an individual receives at home, which should have otherwise been treated in a hospital but was not due to specific reasons.