What cashless hospitalization denied under family health insurance plan?

Yes, under certain circumstances, your claim for cashless hospitalization may be denied. So, we suggest that you read them carefully and make sure you do not face such a situation while being covered under the best health plan for your family: -

  • You have not submitted the complete documents.
  • Your contact details registered with us are incomplete.
  • If the illness or medical condition is not covered under the policy.
  • If the hospital where the treatment is being undertaken is not on our network.
  • If the ailment is pre-existing and the waiting period of 4 years is not over.
  • If the request for pre-authorization was delayed.

Even if your cashless treatment request as per the claim on your family health plan is denied, do not worry. You can get the treatment from the hospital, settle the bill from your own funds, get discharged from the hospital and then file for a claim with the TPA or with our concerned department directly. Just make sure that you submit the completed documents in one go so that your claim under a health insurance policy for the family can be reimbursed as soon as possible.