Advantages of sticking to one Insurance company for a long time?

We would like to recommend that you should continue with the insurance company on a continuous basis to enjoy a maximum range of benefits. Sticking with one company for your requirement of health insurance plans for a family will make it easier for you to claim the continuity benefits. There are certain pre-existing conditions, for which the coverage starts only after 48 months waiting period. This condition makes it preferable to not shuffle around too much.

  • Moreover, if you stick to one insurance company with your health insurance plans for a family, you also get to enjoy the benefits of accumulated bonuses, which provide you additional coverage over and above the sum insured.
  • Claim settlement is also faster when you have a long-term association with the company, as all the waiting period requirements would be satisfied by then.
  • As such, if you do not have some serious unresolved grievances with your insurer for family medical insurance, then changing your insurer makes little sense.