A Comprehensive Cancer Insurance Plan For All Stages Of Cancer

Stressful professional life and a sedentary style of living make us highly prone to several critical illnesses. Even people in their 20s and 30s are now prone to severe health problems. One of the most common of such critical illnesses is cancer. As per the National Health Profile, cases of common cancer in India increased by more than 300% between 2017 and 2018.

Standard cancer treatments in private hospitals could easily cost around Rs. 10 lakhs. If the treatment involves precision medicine such as modern immunotherapy drugs, the treatment cost could be as high as Rs. 1 crore. This could easily leave a family in significant financial distress. A cancer insurance plan could provide much-needed financial relief.

Let us have a look at all the different cancer stages that are covered under such insurance plans.

How are Cancer Stages Classified?

To understand cancer insurance better, one should first know how the different cancer stages are classified. Cancer is generally classified in four different stages. They are-

  • CIS (Carcinoma in Situ) or Stage 0 -

This is generally known as the first stage of cancer where there are abnormal cells in the body, but they are yet to spread to the nearby tissues. In this stage, the patient does not have cancer but has a high possibility of developing it in future.

  • Early Stage or Stage 1 -

In the early stage, a malignant condition is developed, which could start invading and affecting surrounding tissues.

  • Major Stage or Stage 2 -

A malignant tumour is developed, and it could grow uncontrollably. The cells of this malignant tumour could also start destroying healthy tissues.

  • Critical Stage or Stage 4 -

The critical stage is when cancer starts spreading to other distant parts of the body.

Do All Cancer Insurance Plans Cover All the Stages of Cancer?

In most cases, health insurance with cancer cover or life insurance policies that come with cancer cover does not provide coverage against all the stages of cancer. In such plans, the cancer coverage is mostly an added benefit. But critical illness insurance policies generally cover all the different stages of cancer.

The coverage amount approved for a policyholder depends on the stage at which the cancer was diagnosed.

  • CIS and Early Stage -

If the cancer was detected in the CIS or early stage, 10%-20% of the coverage amount is paid upfront to the policyholder to help them manage the treatment costs. Even the future premiums are generally waived off.

  • Major and Critical Stage - 

The full cover amount is paid in case the cancer is diagnosed in the major or critical stage. Some of the plans also come with income benefits in case if the policyholder’s cancer is in the major or critical stage.

Selecting the Right Cancer Insurance Policy

If you are planning to purchase a cancer cover policy, here are a few essential things you should consider-

  • Coverage for all Stages -

    Make sure that the plan you select covers all the different stages of cancer.

  • Sum Assured -

    This is the maximum amount the insurer will pay in case cancer is detected in the major or critical stage.

  • Waiting Period -

    There is generally a waiting period of 1-2 years only after which the coverage gets activated.

  • Additional Benefits -

  • Prefer plans that come with additional benefits such as income benefit, waiver of premium, etc.

  • Maximum Age -

  • You should check the maximum age up to which the insurance will offer cancer protection. Go for plans that provide coverage for up to 65-75 years.

Make sure that you do read the documents of the cancer insurance cover you are planning to purchase to understand the inclusions and exclusions in detail.

Win the Battle Against Cancer with a Cancer Insurance Plan

Cancer is a life-threatening and time-sensitive condition. Once cancer is detected, there is only a limited period within which it could be cured. Moreover, the cost of treatment generally runs into lakhs of rupees.

Get comprehensive protection with the best critical illness policy to make sure that you can receive quality treatment at the right time and win the battle against cancer.
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