4 Vital Reasons to have Critical Illness Rider in your Health Insurance

With changing lifestyles and increasing complexities in living standards, we are now more prone to serious illnesses. Looking at the evident rise in the magnitude of ailments, the effects of depleting health quality are clear enough. With such a scenario at hand, getting health insurance not only secures your future but also makes difficult situations convenient by saving money. From prescription medicine, pre and post-pregnancy mother and baby care, inpatient as well as outpatient care to lab tests; a lot of your medical expenses are taken care of by your health insurance policy.

Still, there can be times when having just health insurance may not enough. There are critical illnesses that do not show up at early stages in life and yet become critical over time. Fact is, situations like critical illnesses not only come unannounced but also drain you off a huge sum of money. By definition, Critical illness riders are the extra covers that you can opt for over a regular insurance policy to keep yourself well prepared for the critical diseases you are most prone to.

Getting to the point, here are 5 vital reasons as to why you must have the critical illness rider in your health insurance:

Covers Quite a Number of Chronic Ailments

A critical illness rider provides coverage against some major terminal and chronic diseases which generally include organ transplants, heart strokes, cancers, heart attacks, kidney failures, coronary artery bypass and so on. Though the ailments covered may again vary with companies, insurance riders help cover quite a good number of acute illnesses.

The Survival Rider

critical illness rider can be availed by anyone suffering from a critical ailment just after the diagnosis. This means that the patient does not need to wait for procuring the assured amount, until he/she has undergone the entire treatment, and can be claimed right after diagnosis.

The consumer can use the proceeds as per his choice

Critical illness riders provide you with the freedom to use the proceeds in whatever way you need. Since the proceeds get paid directly to the person insured, it can be used to pay for the medical expenses, daily insurances or any other purchases.

Longer Tenure

As is observed, most standalone critical illness plans have short tenures, and their renewal options are also very limited. On the contrary, buying critical illness riders along with your life insurance plan can ensure a longer tenure of coverage. In case the customer opts for a critical illness benefit along with a term plan, it would enable him to receive a much larger cover at a highly viable premium.

**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions, etc. read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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