Steps to Do After Buying Travel Insurance Policy

After buying a travel insurance policy take the following steps to ensure complete coverage:

  • Take a printout of the confirmation email.

  • Review policy and verify coverage.

  • Read exclusions.

  • Call IFFCO Tokio in case of questions.

Each of these points has been discussed in the following sections.

Take a Printout of the Confirmation Email

On purchasing the IFFCO Tokio travel insurance cover, a confirmation email will be sent to the policyholder’s registered email ID. While the confirmation email would suffice as proof of coverage, it is always better to keep a hard copy handy as a backup.

The email will contain details of the coverage plan, including the policy number and the effective dates.

Review Policy and Verify Coverage

Once you receive the policy document after purchasing the best foreign travel insurance by IFFCO Tokio, you need to review the policy and verify the coverage and other details for the accuracy of facts and check if all is as per your expectations. Most insurance plans offer a free-look period, usually for a month, where the policyholder can study the plan in detail.

During the free-look period, you have the option to opt-out of the insurance and the amount paid to the insurer will be refunded. However, the overseas travel insurance policy must not be in use or activity.

In order to verify the coverage, you need to go through the policy document in detail and understand the terms. After doing so, you may call or talk to the insurer and cross-check the provisions stated in the policy.

At this stage, if everything is covered, then you can take a call on whether to stick with the policy or supplement it with add-ons.

Read Exclusions

A policy document is quite a long and exhaustive and one aspect you may overlook while reading it is the list of exclusions. This is something that you must look at and pay attention to because overlooking this can lead to misinterpretation of policy terms. This is one of the main causes of disputes at the time of claims.

By carefully going through the exclusions, you will be in a position to determine if the policy meets your needs or not. For instance, extreme sports would be one of the exclusions in most of the policies. So if you intend to participate in extreme sports during your overseas visit, then you will need to have this covered through add-on in your policy.

You can get in touch with IFFCO Tokio on a toll-free number to help you out with specific queries.

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