7 Traveling Tips For Senior Citizens

These days, the concept of travel insurance is gradually gaining currency in India. Insurance companies are devising several travel insurance policies for elderly people, keeping into consideration the risk factors associated with their age. So, senior citizens can now travel around the world without any health concerns provided they opt for any of the travel insurance policy. However, it is important to understand these policies clearly before opting to buy one. For this purpose, anyone can go online and compare various travel insurance plans to find out the one that suits their requirements.

The love for travel does not recede with age. Irrespective of the age, the passion to explore new countries will always be there. Everyone would have a list of must-visit countries. However, there are certain precautions that senior citizens should take before traveling. These are:

1. Timing is of the Essence

Travelling can be arduous for anyone, especially if it happens to be a long journey. Issues such as jet lag and exhaustion are very common and take a big toll on anyone, especially senior citizens. To avoid any kind of ailments during the sojourn, ensure that you travel at a time of your convenience, preferably early afternoon and mid-morning.

2. Keep your Journey a Secret

It is a pleasure trip, so ensure that the spirit of joviality remains intact even after you come home. The senior citizens can easily be targeted by unscrupulous characters if the latter comes to know of the former’s absence. To deal with such risks, it is better to keep your absence from your residence a secret.

3. Coverage Should be Appropriate

As said earlier, it is vital to understand the travel insurance policy as clearly as you can. Travel insurance policies comprise five major points of coverage, namely trip cancellations, trip interruptions, flights, baggage, evacuation, and basic medical facility. So, it is critical to know what all is covered in your travel insurance before opting for a policy. For example, if your luggage gets lost in transit, then you can file a claim only if your policy covers baggage insurance.

4. Avoid Heavy Luggage

It is always better to travel light. Carry less baggage as it assures comfort. This has two benefits. Less stuff ensures that you can pack and unpack with ease. Also, it minimizes the possibility of your valuables getting lost or stolen. Before leaving, prepare a list of belongings that you are carrying, and make sure that you secure them appropriately.

5. Check Your Diet

Elderly citizens are always on a strict diet regime their tummies become very sensitive due to old age. Don’t go on an eating binge just because you are on holiday. If you don’t control your eating habits on your travels, then it might adversely affect your health.

6. Do not Forget to Carry Medicine

As you grow old, chances of popping pills also go up. So, it is important to carry the necessary medicines with you all the time. In fact, medicines are as important as cash or passport during a holiday, especially for elderly people. Also, ensure that you are carrying enough medicines so that they last till the duration of your trip. Don’t keep medicines in check-in baggage. Instead, carry them in your cabin bag for the sake of your convenience.

7. Travel Insurance is a Must

Travel insurance is an absolute necessity prior to undertaking any pleasure trip, as healthcare expenses are quite huge abroad. In case you travel without a travel insurance policy and require any kind of medical aid overseas, you are likely to forego a substantial amount of money that you saved up all these years. So, be very careful and don’t travel without a proper travel insurance policy. In fact, it is a must for anyone who is planning to travel abroad. By opting for a suitable IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy, a senior citizen can go to any place without worrying too much about the costs arising out of any medical complications.

A travel insurance policy is not cheap, as it can add as much as ten percent to the cost of your trip. However with a travel insurance policy, peace of mind is assured, and it offers financial assistance if something bad happens. For senior citizens, it is a must to enjoy a hassle-free journey, for which a travel insurance policy is a must-have.

**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions, etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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