7 Travel insurance myths that need to be busted right now

While on a journey, you can be exposed to multiple risks both during the journey and on the trip. Travel insurance is the safety net that saves you from the financial repercussions of these risks. If you’re planning your next holiday or office trip, you need to have a clear perception of travel insurance.

When you get into researching what travel insurance you should buy, you’ll come to realize that there a number of myths prevalent around it. These myths can often confuse you, and deter you from making an informed decision.

To make your holiday planning uncomplicated and travel hassle-free, here are the most popular travel insurance myths debunked for you: -

Myth # 1 - Travel insurance is just a waste of money

Fact – As naïve an observation as you’d come across. Would you want to take chances when you can prepare for the unpredictable beforehand? Flight delays, accident, illness, or another mishap can affect even the best-planned holidays. Buying a travel insurance policy that covers you against travel risks is like traveling with peace of mind.

Myth # 2 - I have health insurance, I don’t need travel insurance

Fact - Firstly, travel insurance covers you for a lot more than just medical care. Secondly, most health insurance policies do not pay for international health care expenses, and even if they do, the coverage is limited to certain countries and regions.

Myth # 3 - I can make a claim for my negligence

Fact - Acts of negligence are not covered under any travel insurance policy. If you’ve been careless enough to leave your luggage unattended or were under the influence of liquor at the time, then your travel insurance provider will not cover you.

Myth # 4 - Travel insurance will protect me on an adventure trip

Fact – While it may vary from provider to provider, adventure sports are generally not covered in a travel insurance policy. However, if you are planning an adventure trip, you can simply ask your insurance provider about the coverage that you will be offered while on the trip.

Myth # 5 - I am traveling to a place which has travel warnings; not a cause of worry as I am covered with my travel insurance

Fact - If you are going to a place where travel warnings have been issued and something unfortunate happens, you won’t be covered for it. Always check travel warnings to ensure that your travel is safe.

Myth # 6 - I will have to buy separate plans for everyone in the family for every trip

Fact - People usually believe that they would have to buy separate travel insurance policies for every member of the family. But this is not right. If you and your family travel regularly, it would be better if you opt for an annual policy. Buying an annual policy will not only save you from the hassles of buying policies again and again but also save your money.

Myth # 7 - I can report any mishaps when I am back home

Fact - You should report any mishaps to the local police within 24 hours of it has occurred, and to your insurance company as soon as possible in order to be eligible for a claim.

There you have it! I hope these travel insurance myths and facts will help you make an informed decision the next time you buy travel insurance. And do not forget to read the policy document in detail before you buy it.

**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions, etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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