Why Health Insurance is the Best Gift this Diwali ?

Diwali is just around the corner, which means it is time to buy and exchange gifts like sweets, gold coins, clothes, jewelry, crackers, etc. But should it always be that way? Wouldn’t you like to buck the trend and give something useful this Diwali?

A gift that has a utility value is the one which you should give; a gift that not only cares for today but also secures the ‘tomorrow’. What are we on about? Well, we are talking about health insurance.

On the occasion of Diwali, it might as well be all about sweets and gadgets and new purchases, but there’s quite nothing like the thoughtful gift of health insurance

The importance of Health Insurance 

Good health is the greatest asset in life. In that regard, you must work towards following a healthy lifestyle and have healthy habits to achieve and maintain good health. At the same time, take into account that life is very unpredictable and can throw unwelcome surprises at any given point in time - say an injury during Diwali may leave you physically and financially strapped. Would you be ok facing the financial brunt of it during the festive season? Absolutely not!

So, why not be prepared for the consequences well in advance? Buying a health insurance plan which meets your needs, or that of the recipient you are gifting it to can keep you financially safeguarded from exigencies this festive season.

Here’s why a health plan is a must for you before Diwali

Every year, Diwali is celebrated with a riot of firecrackers across the country. During this time, air pollution hit dangerous levels; the air gets glutted with particulate matter and a lethal mixture of poisonous gases like nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and benzene.

1. Ill-effects of pollution

Due to air pollution, increased instances of chronic respiratory symptoms - asthma, lung disease, and acute coronary events, have been witnessed. Children, elderly people and those with respiratory problems are the worst affected. 

2. Risk of crackers.

Accidents while bursting firecrackers can result in burns and severe injuries. In fact, many serious injuries from explosions even require admission to hospitals.

3. The risky temptation of sweets

The other facet of celebrating Diwali is the savory sweets and festive delicacies – both of them are hard to resist. Eating a lot of sweets and fried food may put even otherwise healthy people at an increased risk of diseases.

Each and every one of these aspects is reason enough to have adequate Health Insurance in place. After all, healthcare expenses are the last thing you’d want to splurge on during the festive season. 

Here is what you should prefer when buying Health Insurance: -

  • Higher Sum Assured.
  • Whether it can be purchased online or not?
  • How expansive health insurance is in terms of the ailments that it covers?
  • Availability of policies or riders for critical illnesses.
  • How widespread the provider’s healthcare network is. Moreover, how many options does the policy offer around your place of residence and work?
  • How extensively is Cashless Hospitalization available across the network?

When you gift a health insurance policy to yourself or someone else, you are giving more than just a gift; something which will empower them in times of medical exigencies. Celebrate a safe and healthy Diwali, and keep your family and friends brimming with health!

**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions, etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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