Types of Health Insurance Policies 

Health insurance may not be mandatory, but there’s no denying that it is extremely important. Not many of us understand the importance of it and tend to take it for granted. Having a mediclaim policy provides you peace of mind knowing you’ll be financially covered for any unforeseen medical emergencies. Be it rising medical bills or securing a health cover for your family in the form of a family floater plan, health insurance matters a lot in the present day and age. At IFFCO Tokio, we help you make an informed decision, and at the same time recommend you to go through the online health insurance reviews as thoroughly as you can.

Start the process by understanding the different types of health insurance plans:

Individual Health Insurance Plan

Individual Health Insurance Plan protects you against sudden hospitalization be it for critical or regular diseases, along with cashless hospitalization facilities, ambulance expenses, so on and so forth. The sum insured in the offer document is applicable only to the person who is purchasing the policy.

Family Health Plan

A family health plan includes all your family members effortlessly under a single medical policy. In case you are looking for something comprehensive, a family floater mediclaim policy is what you need.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Such health insurance plans are designed specially to cover senior citizens. Senior citizens can avail of protection against diseases in their old age by buying such plans.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness plans are such standalone and riders that have to be purchased along with basic mediclaim insurance policy. Critical illnesses such as cancer, paralysis, kidney failure, heart attack, and the likes demand additional care and protection because the treatment and reimbursement amount is so high.

Personal Accident Insurance

A personal accident cover clause protects you from any mishaps that might occur on the road, and that is what this is all about. It is a standard health plan which is provided to people who spend most of their time traveling. 

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