Staying Healthy and Hearty This Winter

Although staying healthy and fit is a never-ending agenda, the need is felt a lot more when winters hit the town. With the temperatures dropping constantly and people cozying up within their homes, the chances of microbes thriving in the surrounding increases even more.

At this juncture, low immunity is all it shall take for you to catch the bug, leading to diminishing energy levels, increasing health complications and not to mention the awful feeling of illness. This in itself is reasoned enough for making special preparation to ensure that you are safe, healthy and hearty during the winters. 

Mentioned below are some tips that we have rounded for you to beat the chill, and stay tip-top this winter. Keep reading!   

Eating Right

Nutrition is central to leading a healthy lifestyle. In winters, with a fall in temperatures outside, the metabolism of the body slows down in order to conserve heat and energy. Although it is easy to find several delicacies that you can feast on during the winter, what you need to stock up your winter menu with are fresh winter fruits and veggies.

Selecting the right items for your diet in winters will not only energize your body but also strengthen your immune system.

Kiwifruits, oranges, lemon (citrusy fruit), carrot, spinach, sweet potato (Vitamin A), whole grains, nuts, beans, and poultry are some of the many food items, which are powerhouses of good health in winters.

Exercise, and then some more

What better way to keep the winter weight at bay than some light and comfortable exercises?!

Routine exercising is one of the best ways to get your blood pumping, and to intensify those endorphins. However, if you feel too lazy to wake up early morning and hit the gym, you can always depend on some yoga, cardio routines, boxing, and core exercises. You can look them up on YouTube, and practice them in the cozy comfort of your home.

Pamper yourself

Surprising though it may sound, a good massage also plays an important role in helping you keep a tab on your winter weight.  Besides helping your muscles relax and detangling your brain, massages essentially boost the secretion of natural mood boosters, serotonin, and dopamine, alongside reducing cortisol. As therapies, massages work wonders for your body by increasing circulation, immune system functionality, and flexibility.

Beat the ‘winter tiredness’

Come winters, do you begin feeling sluggish or lethargic always? Maybe it is your body indicating that you need to catch a break. The lack of sunlight is also one of the reasons which disrupt your sleeping and waking cycles during winters. 

To make it worse, improper or inadequate sleeping hours can not only lower your working potential but also cause mood swings and lead to obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. So, get a good night’s sleep every day.

Ensure that your health insurance is updated

Having a health insurance plan can come in handy for you and your family at any time of the year. However, since you are at a higher risk of falling ill or contracting diseases during winters, winters are when you will need this backup more than ever.

Hence, ensure that your health insurance policy is updated beforehand. And in case you haven’t yet purchased such an insurance plan, check them out without further ado. While a simple health insurance plan might suffice for you as an individual, if you are a family man, going for a health protector policy for family makes better sense, to get the right amount of coverage.

At the same time, stay cautious, and keep yourself protected during winters. Drinking adequate amounts of water and staying well-covered with woolens are some important things you need to ensure to enjoy your winters to the fullest. 
Here is the guide on how health insurance claim process works.

**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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