What Are Main Features of Family Health Protector Policy

Health insurance is a necessary purchase these days with the spike in medical costs and our degenerative lifestyle. But it is not just important to protect yourself alone, you also need to think about your family. In fact, health insurance plans that cover more than one individual can actually prove to be economical. In fact, a family health policy can help protect your family from expenses in a medical crisis for quite an affordable sum. A family floater plan, like the name suggests, is a health insurance plan designed to protect your family in a single plan. Be it your spouse, children, parents, brother and sisters - everyone can benefit from a family health protector policy. Even if you have other relatives like your nieces and nephews, in-laws who reside with you, they can be protected under a family floater health insurance policy.

Features of Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

Sum Insured

A family health protector policy is most likely to offer you minimum to maximum coverage - some insurance policy providers offer policies starting at as little as INR 1,50,000 going as high as INR 30,00,000. This can include nursing and boarding charges to a specified limit. Pre and postsurgical care etc.


Most family health insurance plans cover family members from the age of 3 months and if specified, for other dependent up to 23 years of age. Specific plans are also available for senior citizens and people with a history of illness.


A family floater plan can cover the cost of vaccinations and health check ups, pre and post hospitalisation care up to a specified limit, hospitalisation expenses, and even expenses incurred while being treated using alternative medicine like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy etc. The plan will generally cover the consulting fees of medical practitioners like physicians, specialists and surgical consultants. Conveyance expenses like ambulance or speciality ambulance which is equipped to carry patients on ventilators are also covered under a family health plan.

Add On Covers

A family health protector plan can offer to have add on covers for critical illness if members of your family have a history of critical or terminal illnesses like heart disease, cancer, renal failure, organ transplant, limb paralysis, etc.   

Other Benefits

Benefits like cashless hospitalisation, daily cash for incurring expenses of medication etc are also covered under some of the family health policies. Sometimes a medical emergency could occur while travelling - in such a case, a family health policy may also incur the fees of an emergency medical evacuation. 


It won't cover medication costs incurred due to attempted suicide or injuries occurring due to any malicious intent by the policy holder. Activities like overdose of drugs or alcohol which require the involvement of law enforcement is generally not covered by a family health plan. These plans do not apply to medical treatment given outside the country.

Making A Claim

The policy holder can make a claim basis a planned or unplanned hospitalisation. If the hospitalisation is planned then the insurance provider needs to be given a minimum notice of three days. In the case of unplanned hospitalisation, the policyholder needs to inform the insurance provider within 24 to 48 hours of hospitalisation.  For cashless hospitalisation plans, the policyholders need to submit their identity proof along with the policy's cashless card.

A family health plan proves to be economical and highly beneficial in times of dire need not just for you but also your loved ones.
Here are some important tips while buying health insurance for you family

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