Features of Family IFFCO Tokio Health Protector Policy

Selecting a comprehensive family health plan was never this easy. Just pay a single premium and get insurance coverage for your whole family. This includes your dependent parents, siblings as well as family members living together, including brother-in-law and sister-in-law. There is also an option to opt for a critical illness cover for the whole family under a floater policy. You can use the online Mediclaim policy premium calculator to find out the exact premium payable by you.

Pre Hospitalization Coverage: - When you buy family health insurance from IFFCO Tokio, your pre-hospitalization expenses are also covered under the family health protector policy. All expenses incurred during the investigation of the medical condition including consultation fees and diagnostic tests are also fully covered under our policy.

Hospitalization Coverage: - Once you or your family member gets admitted to a hospital for further treatment, our health policy for family makes sure that you have all the time to look after the patient, instead of worrying about finances. Our policy covers all in-patient hospitalization expenses including room charges, doctor consultation, and all diagnostic tests.

Post-Hospitalization Coverage: We understand that post-discharge care is equally important to regain health completely. That is why we have made sure that your ‘recuperation expenses’ are taken care of in our health insurance plans for family, which helps the patient recuperate and get back to a better state of health.

Alternate therapies Coverage: Although Modern Medical Science has made significant progress in recent years, there are certain conditions for which traditional and ancient healing practices have a better cure. Therefore, our family health plan covers various types of expenses for treatment under traditional healing sciences which include Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, and Sidha.

Vaccination and Check-up Coverage: As the old saying goes “Prevention is better than Cure”. Extending support to this axiom, our health policy for family covers preventive treatments that help avoid unnecessary hospitalization related hassles. Our policy includes vaccinations for both kids and adults along with expenses related to preventive check-ups and diagnostic tests.

Life-Long Renewal: Unlike some of the family medical insurance available in the market, our Health Protector Policy comes with life-long renewal which extends beyond the 65 years age restriction. So, now you need not worry about the well-being of your parents or elderly loved ones. After all, you have got the best possible medical insurance for them.

Free-look period of 15 days: We are confident that our health insurance plans for family offer the best options for your family’s wellbeing, but still, if you are having any second thoughts or doubts, we offer a 15-day free-look period during which you are free to cancel your policy at any time and receive a full refund. Fulfill your family’s healthcare needs through and through with IFFCO Tokio.

Tax Benefits: The premiums paid against our health policy for a family are eligible for tax deduction under Sec. 80D, making it an even better proposition for you and your family.

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