Benefits of buying IFFCO Tokio International Travel Insurance Online

 IFFCO Tokio offers comprehensive international travel insurance online to individuals travelling alone or in groups/families for business or pleasure or studies. The foreign travel insurance covers the following exigencies:

1. Dental Treatment

Consider that you slip off on road resulting in a serious dental injury. This may result in dental surgery or treatment which may be very expensive in foreign countries; especially in the USA or Europe. IFFCO Tokio’s overseas travel insurance for USA purchased in India by you before travelling to USA will cover the cost of such dental treatment abroad.

2. Personal Accident

An accident can happen anywhere. While travelling overseas, this risk is magnified as you are not familiar with the traffic rules of a foreign country. IFFCO Tokio’s overseas travel insurance will cover the expenses arising out of a personal accident. In the unfortunate event of death of the insured person, the sum assured will be paid to the nominee.

Being rest assured for the costs, you only need to be cautious about unexpected traffic conditions.

3. Hospital Daily Allowance

In case you are hospitalized for a longer time, you may need an attendant for your assistance. Sometimes you may feel homesick and would want to talk to your relatives back in India. Phone calls from a far-off foreign country like USA or in Europe may be too expensive. In such situations, IFFCO Tokio’s USA travel insurance will cover such unplanned expense. The overseas travel insurance offers a daily hospital allowance to cover such miscellaneous costs.

4. Transportation of mortal remains or burial at a local place

In the unfortunate event of death of the insured person, IFFCO Tokio’s travel insurance overseas will cover the cost of the transportation of the mortal remains back to India or burial at the local place.

5. Total Loss of Checked-In Baggage / Delay in receiving checked-in baggage

“To err is human” and human error can happen even in the most ideal processes. Handling of checked in baggage is a well-coordinated process managed by human beings. As per the facts, 1one in every four persons tends to lose the baggage at the airport. There could be a delay in receiving your lost baggage or you may completely lose it. In such cases, you would have to incur unplanned expenses, eg. Expenses for buying fresh toiletries, clothes, etc. IFFCO Tokio’s foreign travel insurance covers such expenses on account of the total loss of checked-in baggage or delay in receiving checked-in baggage beyond 12 hours.

6. Loss of Passport

Imagine that you are chilling out in Las Vegas and you miss the track of your belongings. Can you rule out this possibility as a human being? And if you lose your passport, you would certainly land in a big trouble. Here, IFFCO Tokio’s travel insurance for USA would cover your costs for issuance of a new passport in the USA.

7. Hijack Distress Allowance

A terrorist strike in any part of the world anywhere, be it land, water or air cannot be completely ruled out. IFFCO Tokio’s online international travel insurance offers distress allowance in case of a plane hijack where the insured person is travelling.

8. Personal Liability

Just think of a situation that you are in a shop of antiques and suddenly you drop a piece. Worse, the splinters of this piece cause injury to another customer standing next to you. If you have bought IFFCO Tokio’s travel insurance, then it will cover expenses towards such personal liability for bodily injury or property damage that occurred accidentally in your overseas trip.

Financial emergency assistance

If you are robbed or lose your wallet in a foreign land, you have no one to offer you help in an unknown country. IFFCO Tokio's overseas travel insurance will offer financial assistance in such emergency situations.

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