Does the Two-wheeler model affect the cost of two-wheeler insurance?

Yes, the model of your bike will be a deciding factor when it comes to your insurance coverage. It is one of the several factors that affect the cost of the bike insurance policy. Read on to know more about the other factors that also dictate that cost of the insurance policy:

  • Type of coverage - Insurance policy terms depend on the type of policy and what it covers. Some policies provide total coverage, some policies do not.

  • Bike model and bike price - Bike price can affect the terms of the policy, so will the bike model.

  • Bike modifications if any - Bike modifications also dictate the terms of a bike insurance policy. It can be a factor too depending on the policyholder.

  • Age of the rider - A 30 years old experienced driver will have to pay less premium than an 18-year-old amateur rider.

  • Add-on covers - Add-ons will change the terms and conditions of an insurance policy. Add-ons are generally designed in a way that they will give you maximum coverage.

  • Anti-theft devices - If you fit an anti-theft device in your bike, then you will have to pay less premium, as your bike will be safer.