What are the details that are required to be submitted while registering a claim?

The following details are required to be submitted while registering a claim:

  • Policy number.
  • Vehicle Registration Number.
  • Caller details / relation with insured.
  • Date / Time & Place of the incident/ accident.
  • Detail description of the incident/ accident.
  • Type of loss whether Own damage/Theft/third-party.
  • Type of physical injury or damage.
  • Whether the incident has been reported to police. If yes, the FIR no.
  • Name of the driver(This should be as per the name mentioned in driving license).
  • Current location of the vehicle.
  • Garage preference where the insured would like to get it repaired

Once the above information is provided, the call centre of the insurance company will provide the insured with a unique number known as claim no. The claim no will be used for all future correspondence.