On what basis should I ideally select a good commercial taxi insurance plan?


When deciding which plan you should go with to insure your commercial taxi, you should consider the following factors: 

The claim settlement ratio of the insurer- A high claim settlement ratio, usually over 90%, means that the insurer is dedicated to solving the claims of its policyholders.

A balance of coverage and premium - It is important to ensure that the commercial taxi insurance plan you choose offers you the right balance of coverage and premium, especially when you are buying it for multiple vehicles as the cost may be a bit high for those. 

Customer service - As a business owner, you would want your doubts solved and queries answered quickly. You would also want fast claim settlements so that you can focus on your business growth. At IFFCO-Tokio, we understand your concerns; we provide 24/7 claim assistance services and quick claim settlements. 

The number of network garages - Network garages allow you to access good quality treatment without having to worry about making the payments. IFFCO-Tokio has partnered with 4000+ network garages across the country so that your taxi can get repaired and we will take care of the payments.