How To Claim Car Insurance For Own Damage?

One needs to register a claim with the insurance company immediately after the accident takes place. The insurance company verifies the documents, and upon finding the claim to be genuine, the insurer pays for the damages caused to the vehicle. Here are the details about the car insurance claim process if the damage occurs to own vehicle.

What is own damage car insurance?

Own damage car insurance covers the damage caused to one’s vehicle due to factors related to accidents, natural calamities such as floods, vandalism, etc.

Below are the steps to claim for own damage

  • Immediately after the accident, you should call the insurance company and inform them about the damage. Obtain the details of the vehicle responsible for the damage and submit to the policyholder.
  • The incident should be reported within the stipulated time period.
  • Report the police about and incident and file an FIR. While filing an FIR, you would need the registration number of the car that caused the accident and the licence number of the driver who was involved in the accident
  • Keep the details of the car, the driver and the witnesses in the FIR as well as with yourself
  • After filing a claim, you need to request the insurance provider to assign a surveyor who will further evaluate the case
  • You can also file a car insurance claim online from the website of the company

Here are the documents that would be necessary for filing the claim

To file a claim on the damaged cars, one would require some documents to settle the compensation-

  • A copy of insurance policy
  • A copy of the FIR report submitted to the police
  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • A copy of the car registration certificate
  • A copy of the valid driving licence
  • Details about the repair estimates
  • In case of physical injuries, original copy of the medical receipts
  • Original receipt copy of any other expenses incurred

Few Points to Remember While Filing Car Insurance Claim

  • You should thoroughly check the car to determine damages done to the vehicle. You should also check yourself or those travelling in the car for any injuries caused
  • You should register for the claim within the stipulated time as given by your insurance provider. In a few cases, it is 24 hours from the damage caused
  • Keep a note of the model, number and colour of the vehicle that was involved in the accident
  • Keep the contact details of all the witnesses. It will be necessary to identify the person responsible for the accident
  • Assess the damage done to the vehicle and make an immediate call to the insurer
  • Take your car to the nearest network garage and get the bills settled at the network garages itself.

Own car damage insurance has a high premium as compared to a basic car insurance company which is determined based on the IDV of the vehicle. Special attention should be taken when renewing your car insurance policy as it is imperative to consider the age of the car. That said it is also important to renew the comprehensive insurance on time to avoid paying the high cost of repairs on the car.

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