Tips to Buy & Renew Car Insurance Online

Indian roads are prone to traffic congestions and accidents. Hence, you would feel much calmer when you are on the road in your car if you have a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy that covers all the plausible perils. However, while it is important to have car insurance, getting one that offers complete coverage at the best price is more crucial.

Buying the Insurance Policy is important, but what’s equally important is that you don’t forget to renew it, as an expired car insurance policy will be of no use when the time comes. 

Tips to Buy and Renew Car Insurance Online

A common mistake that insurance buyers often commit is buying the first policy they see, and not looking for better options. There are many car insurance policies available, but the best car insurance policy is the one that meets your vehicle insurance needs and is within your budget.

Thanks to the internet, getting multiple quotes to find the best car insurance policy has become quite easy and convenient. You can now buy or renew car insurance policies with a few simple clicks without all the lengthy paperwork and time wastage.

In fact, such is the ease of buying insurance online, that you can easily explore insurance policies online, compare policy benefits and premiums, find the best insurance quotes and then buy a policy, all within a span of few minutes.

With that said, here are a few helpful tips to help you to renew or buy a car insurance plan online: -

1. Assess your needs

Before you go crazy searching for car insurance plans, assess your needs; comparing different options will do you good only if you know what you need. When you have your needs laid out in front of you, choosing a policy becomes much simpler. Determine the type of car insurance cover you want to buy, the additional covers that you may want to add on to the car insurance, and then compare the premiums.

2. Compare insurance quotes online

Comparing quotes is another benefit of buying insurance online. Most insurance-buying websites have an online quote request form. As soon as you fill in the details, you get instant quotes. To arrive at a decision, you can compare the quotes based upon the coverage and benefits offered by each policy.

3. Look for a reputed insurance provider

Make sure that the provider you chose is reliable. To check the provider’s reliability, you can read online reviews and check the Claims-To-Settlement ratio. Check the incurred claim ratio and the claim settlement ratio to understand the efficiency of the claims process.

4. Choose a provider with a wide network of garages

When buying car insurance, always look for a car insurance provider who has a wide network of garages where they can provide repairs and service to motor vehicles, and offer the facility for cashless claims. Moreover, check the density of the garages/workshops within your region so that accidental repairs don’t cause you more hassle.

5. Read the fine print

Like every insurance policy, car insurance also includes various terms and conditions, along with inclusions and exclusions. Hence, it is very important to read the fine print and understand the hidden clauses when you buy car insurance. You may come across a few insurance terms that are hard to understand; instead of feeling perplexed, go to an insurance knowledge resource online to find the meaning of these terms.

The importance of car insurance is obvious, and the most apparent advantage of buying car insurance online is that you save your time and money. What matters is the right balance of knowing your car insurance needs, being aware of the terminology and coverage, and doing your due research before you purchase car insurance. If you keep all this in mind at the time of buying your car insurance you’ll be able to make a sensible decision.
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**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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