What Do You Need To Do When Your Car Insurance Gets Lapsed?

A car insurance policy is mandatory in India and driving a car without a valid license is a punishable offence. So, if your car insurance has expired and if for any reason you miss renewing, you must be wary of the risks. If you are caught driving without insurance, you may have to pay a fine or face imprisonment. Also, if you are a repeated offender, the traffic officials may cancel your driving license. 

Driving a car without insurance can have the following consequences:

  • If your policy is not renewed even after the grace period, then your policy will be canceled, and you will have to purchase a new policy.
  • Your premium may become higher, and all the previous benefits may be canceled.
  • There could be a fine on the number of days you missed.
  • You will even lose your no claim bonus.
  • If you meet with an accident without a policy, you will be liable to pay your own damages. 

What to do during a car insurance lapse?

When your car insurance policy expires, you must immediately get in touch with the insurance provider. In most cases, the insurance provider will ask you to get a new policy. But if the gap is not too huge, they may allow you to renew the policy as well. To get a new policy, you will have to go through the entire process of buying a new policy all over again. During your lapsed period, the insurance company will not let you avail any of their policy features. 

The chances of you getting the old policy renewed after the lapse is very thin. So, be prepared to buy a new policy. When purchasing a new policy, opt for the online purchase as that has several benefits, including:

1. Saves time –

Purchasing car insurance online is faster than any other medium. You can buy a policy in minutes! 

2. Easy process –

Buying n car insurance policy online is much more straightforward than meeting an agent or going to the insurance office. The online buying process is simple and quick and involving any form of manual labour could take a lot of time.

3. Availability 

There is no concept of shut shop when you buy a policy online; you can purchase or renew the policy at any time and from anywhere as per your convenience.

4. Instant issue –

When you buy a car insurance policy online, the policy is sent to your registered email ID immediately.

5. Documents –

Buying policies online involves zero to minimal documents. In most cases, you have to mention your KYC details.

6. Secure 

The transactions that you do online are safe and strictly confidential. It is fast, too, which is the biggest advantage. 

It is advised that you always stay alert with the policy and never let it lapse. But, if due to unforeseen circumstances that happen, get in touch with the insurer and let them guide you through the course of renewal. 

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