Ask Yourself These Questions Before Purchasing Car Insurance Online

When it comes to buying car insurance, people mostly tend to opt for the ones that their friends suggest or the one they saw on a TV ad. But the fact is that this is probably not the best way to choose your motor insurance. Like most businesses, insurance companies vary in the car insurance that they have to offer. So shopping around becomes rather important on the quest to choose the car insurance that is right for you.

If you don’t know much about car insurance, avoid walking blindly into the process. Know the questions that you must ask before you choose the right insurance policy.

What kind of insurance policy do I need?

You will, of course, have to purchase the coverage that has been mandated by your state. Mostly this refers to liability insurance, which provides coverage against injury or death of a third party as a result of an accident caused by your car. This also covers the damage caused to the third party’s vehicle or property, as well as the legal fees.

However, you should consider the other types of coverage available as well, and then choose based on your needs:

Collision Coverage: This will cover the repairs required by your car after an accident, regardless of whose fault the accident was. You will, of course, have to pay a deductible, a set amount of money that you have to pay before the insurer pays the remainder. This cover can be avoided if you are insuring an older car.

Comprehensive Insurance: This insurance cover, as the name suggests, provides comprehensive all-round coverage. It pays for the damage to your car from non-accident causes as well.

What deductible should I pay?

The deductible is an amount of money that is decided between the insurer and the insured i.e. you. In case of an accident, you as the policyholder has to pay the deductible amount before the insurance company pays the rest. It is possible to reduce one’s premium by choosing a higher deductible. This is a good idea as chances are that you might not have an accident, but in any case, make sure that you choose a deductible that you can easily pay in case you are in an accident.

Do I need to ask for discounts?

Who doesn’t like getting discounts? Of course, you will have to ask for the full list of discounts that are available and the ones that you are eligible for. Most companies always have some of the other offers running on their insurance policies. But remember to make sure that you choose a policy based on the coverage it provides and not just for the discounted rates.

Will my insurance cover original manufacturer parts?

This one is more of a question that you need to ask your insurer. There are basically two kinds of spare parts. Aftermarket parts are less expensive and are made to fit a general type of vehicle. Then there are the original manufacturer parts that are made for particular models. Make sure that your insurer includes original parts in their policy.

How will my car be valued?

A lot of factors go into deciding your car’s value. As per the vehicle segments defined by the SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers), the bigger your vehicle’s dimensions, the higher will be the cost to ensure. Alternatively, you might be one of those who have a penchant of owning a hot hatchback (like the Abarth Punto) or a classic (like the Volkswagen Beetle) which again would be more expensive to insure. So before you decide what car to buy, do a little cursory research and see whether your choice of car is insurable based on your financial inflows and whether you can afford both the car and the insurance.

Your car insurance will be your companion through thick and thin, so make sure you choose the right one.
Consider these tips before buying car insurance

**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

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