Claim Process of General Insurance

General insurance policies or non-life insurance plans are taken to secure cars, bikes, property, etc. The claim settlement process is a service that is very important to the policyholder as well as the insurer. Claim settlement in general insurance can make the policyholder stay with the insurer. It is a process where the policyholder claims financial support from the insurer. Claim Settlement in general insurance is offered only after the due process gets completed. The insurance companies need to offer an easy settlement process because they want to stay ahead in the market.

Every policyholder wants to receive the claim amount easily, which is why insurance companies want to offer the most efficient claim service to its customers.

Here is a normal claim process -

  • The policyholder must make the insurer aware of the damage or loss.
  • The insurer must give the policyholder knowledge on what to do next.
  • If the policyholder doesn’t offer everything requested of them about the damage or loss, then their assessment might get delayed.
  • The surveyor must give a report about the loss or damage to the insurer in 30 days.


Car Insurance Claims

1. Cashless Car Insurance

If the policyholder takes their damaged car to a network garage, then they might not have to pay the money. The insurer will cover the cost.

The process for filing cashless car insurance is easy. The policyholder must make the insurer aware of the damage. The insurer will get a surveyor to assess the damage on the car before the car gets repaired.

2. Car Reimbursement Claim

The policyholder must pay the money in case they don’t take their car to a network garage. However, the money will be reimbursed to them when they make a claim with bills.

The policyholder can claim reimbursement after the car is repaired. However, the damage must be surveyed by the insurer within 48 hours of the accident.

Home Insurance Claims

The policyholder should know what is covered in the policy. A policy can be taken for a property such as building or household products that can be transported. The policyholder must make the insurer aware of the damage to the property. The insurer will survey the damage to the property, and the reimbursement will take place after that.

Travel Insurance Claim

A travel insurance claim can help the policyholder receive financial assistance for events such as personal accident, baggage loss or damage, etc. during the journey. However, the process might be different from policy to policy.

A policyholder can get benefits such as cashless and reimbursement facilities with insurance. The process of claiming it is easy too. A policyholder doesn’t have to hassle much in order to get the financial help they need. Be it a property or a car, securing them is important. If they meet with damage, then repairing it will become easy with the financial help that the insurer offers. 

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