Why to buy IFFCO Tokio’s Trade Protector Policy?

The Trade Protector Policy package offers comprehensive protection for your business establishment, interests, assets, and liability. The policy also safeguards the human resources of your establishment, like yourself and the board of directors. The policy provides scope for customized cover as it has 12 sections. A cover opted for that includes all 12 sections will provide complete protection for your business. You can easily select the cover you want from among the 12 sections

Why you need to make full disclosure?

It is expected from a policyholder to make a full disclosure while buying a policy. In the case of concealment of some important facts or misrepresentation of facts, the insurance policy can get canceled with immediate effect and all premiums shall stand forfeited.

Why to buy Trade Suvidha Policy from IFFCO-Tokio?

Whether small or large-scale, all of us care for our business, put our life and soul into making our businesses grow and that is why we go to whatever lengths necessary to make sure that our business thrives and stays protected no matter what may come. To help you protect your office and the place of your work, IFFCO-Tokio has come up with the Trade Suvidha Policy which offers you the best solution to the unforeseen problems that may arise and helps you to safeguard your office.