What are the exact steps to be followed to make a cashless claim?

The insurance holder must follow the given steps to easily make a cashless claim:

  • The policyholder must immediately report the accident to the insurance company and the police and file an FIR if there are critical injuries or casualties following the incident.
  • The policyholder must not move the vehicle by themselves. They must wait for the insurance company to come and move the vehicle. The insurance officer will tow the vehicle to the nearest network garage and inspect the vehicle.
  • After this, the insurer will examine the quote given by the network garage. The repair work will start only after approval from the insurance company.
  • After the approval, the service station starts repairing the vehicle and presents pertinent bills to the insurer on the completion of repairs.
  • The insurer will evaluate all the submitted records and once they are all verified, the claim process will start. The policyholder will have to pay the depreciation and deductibles. The rest will be taken care of by the insurer.
  • In case the car is damaged completely and rendered uselessly, the insurance company will compensate the amount equivalent to the market value of the vehicle. However, they will also consider depreciation.