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Car insurance is an insurance policy that is designed for motor vehicles that are used for personal use. It covers the losses that you may suffer due to damages to your car because of human-made or natural calamities. Car insurance is not only mandatory in India, but also it is vital from the financial security perspective. There are two types of car insurance policies in India – third-party liability and comprehensive car insurance. While getting comprehensive car insurance one should include the following features in their policy:

Engine Cover

Regular car insurance policies do not provide engine cover. Getting an additional engine cover will take care of the expenses of regular engine repair work due to an accident. 

Road-Side Assistance Cover

Getting stranded on the road due to punctured tyres or engine failure is not uncommon. It can happen to anybody. Having a road-side assistance cover can of great use, if your car gets stranded anywhere, a mechanic will be sent to you the moment you inform the insurer.

Zero Depreciation Cover

The zero-depreciation policy cover will get you the full claim amount without depreciating the value of certain parts of the car. 

Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Personal accident insurance covers the owner of the vehicle against injuries or hospitalisation that may arise in the event of an accident. It covers physical trauma, accidental death, and permanent disability.

What are the key benefits of a car insurance policy?

Having a car insurance policy has the following benefits:

  • Personal accident policy provides protection against injuries or trauma in case of an accident.

  • Coverage against the legal suits and fees that you may face if involved in an accident.

  • Cover against the repair work done due to accidents or other damage.

  • If you have multiple policies from the same insurer, you may get a discount on your car insurance. 

  • No claim bonus (NCB) is the loyalty reward that you get for not making any claim during the policy year. 

Purchasing a car insurance policy online

Buying a policy online is more beneficial as you can compare the policies of different insurance companies instantly and make an informed buying decision. This option is restricted if you go to a branch or buy it from an insurance agent. But when you are purchasing a car insurance policy online, you can compare the insurance policy and its features with at least 3-4 other insurers. 

What are the factors that affect the premium amount of your car insurance policy?

Risk factor of the vehicle –

The car model, cubic centimetres (cc) etc. are taken into consideration for deciding the premium. Additionally, commercial cars and sports utility vehicles often have high premiums as compared to regular cars. 

Risk related to the car location –

If you live in a populated area or near a highway, the premium will be high. Also, if the area has a high crime rate of theft and burglary, the premium will be high. 

Risk related to the driving behaviour

This is another important factor the insurers consider while determining the car insurance premium. If you are making a claim very frequently, expect your premium to be high as insurer may apply loading charges on your premium.

Renewing a car insurance policy online -

Renewing a car policy online is also beneficial as you get to customise the features and the benefits that you want. To renew, you can visit the website of your preferred insurer, enter the details needed and renew the policy in minutes.

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