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Complete Guide to Homeowners Insurance

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What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance also known as property insurance or home insurance covers losses and damages to an individual’s residential building /apartment / flat / house/ bungalow etc and to assets in the property. A homeowners insurance policy also provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property. As a homeowner, you can purchase home insurance policy in India for the structureof your home or the contents inside or for both.

Why do you need homeowners insurance in India?

The need for homeowners insurance arises for the same reasons you need insurance for yourself or your family. Any damage to your home could lead to drastic emotional and financial implications. The coverage provided by homeowner insurance will at least take care of the latter.

A homeowners insurance policy is the best way to mitigate any financial distress you might face due to damage to your home. Homeowners insurance policy provides protection to structure of insured property, general content e.g., furniture, electronic items and valuable items e.g. Jewellery, paintings etc depending on the type of policy purchased.

Types of homeowners insurance

What are coverages under homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance policy provide protection against man-made or natural calamities. Let’s explores these in bit more details.

Protection against the damage caused due to natural calamities like -

  • Fire, Explosion or Implosion
  • Earthquake, Volcanic eruption
  • Flood, Strom, Cyclone, Hurricane etc

Protection against the damage caused due to manmade calamities like –

  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Robbery & Dacoity
  • Riot, Strikes & Malicious Damages
  • Impact of any external physical object like vehicle, trees, aircraft, wall etc

What is not covered in homeowners insurance?

Standard exclusions of a homeowners insurance policy are –

  • Any pre-existing damages
  • Regular wear and tear
  • Willful, intentional act or omission
  • War or warlike, Nuclear Radiation operations
  • Any damage or destruction by order of any government

**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc please read policy documents carefully.**




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