What are few things to know before buying the Policy?

Insurance cover under the Individual Medishield Policy can be availed by any person who is primarily a resident of India as the coverage is available for treatment in India only. Coverage under the health insurance policy is available for persons as young as 3 months and up to 60 years of age. Children between the age of 3 months and 5 years can be covered only if both parents are covered under the health insurance concurrently.

The health policy requires no medical check-up up to the age of 60 years. For those older than 60 years, a pre-acceptance medical test is required to be done for fresh or/and break coverage. The medical tests will check blood sugar, urine, and ECG and will not be needed if there is no break in renewal of health insurance.

Individual Medishield Policy also has a provision for Family Package cover. This cover will include spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents. There will be a discount on premium if the Family Package cover is availed. The dependent children are defined as unmarried children under the age of 23 years.

The hospitalization shall take place in a defined institute for a minimum of 24 hours. This time period is not liable for the 121 listed daycare surgeries, where claims would be considered for shorter duration also.

Some of the benefits of buying Individual Medishield Policy!

  • The pre-existing disease exclusion period is for three years.
  • A large number of network hospitals across the country where cashless claim settlement facility is available.
  • 24x7 helpline for any support relating to claims.
  • Portability for those who want to switch plan from another insurer’s health insurance policy.
  • For those undertaking domestic travel, unique medical and personal assistance service is available at no extra cost.
  • Emergency assistance services in cases of accidents.
  • Unique add-on covers available through the Critical Illness Extension under this Policy.
  • Unique emergency medical and personal assistance is available for all insured persons undertaking domestic travel.