Why to buy Critical Illness Insurance Policy?

We at IFFCO Tokio have noticed that more than often people’s lives come crashing down in the case of a critical illness. For example, if an ailing father or mother does not critical illness cover, it becomes difficult for the family to continue paying for the education of the children. There are other instances when aging parents have been diagnosed with critical illnesses and the lack of critical illness insurance has resulted in their son or daughter having to borrow money to continue supporting the expensive treatment.

Our experience at IFFCO Tokio has shown us that critical illnesses can affect people beyond the obvious symptoms or costs. In many cases, the disease results in an employee becoming unable to work and a lot of people lose their jobs. In some cases, the disease might cause partial or complete disability which renders the person not suitable for employment in certain working environments. Critical illnesses can completely change lifestyles and routines and can often create roadblocks in the regular schedules of the caregiver or the family too. As we can clearly see, critical illnesses often result in avenues of income being shut down and this can make supporting medical costs even more difficult. People with prior critical care insurance and critical health insurance policies can handle such situations because they have a backup plan financially.